Narrow Lot Homes and Their Wide Array of Benefits

HomeNarrow lot houses provide better flexibility to home buyers who are on a budget. Land prices nowadays are high; so many buyers find narrow lots a better option. When you need a new house but you have a limited budget, it pays to check out how narrow lot homes can be the wiser option.

Here are some of its best advantages.

Innovative Use of Space

Narrow lot house plans Brisbane developers create often use innovative home designs to get the most of the limited space. Professional house designers use the perceived restrictions of a limited space to make clever, beneficial features to maximise space. Builders can provide you with a comfortable living space expected of a home.

Customised Design

In connection to the innovative home designs and floor plans, you can also have your home built to your unique needs and preferences. For a unique style, the builders can provide you with building designs and solutions to suit your taste. You may have a small lot, but it doesn’t mean your house can’t stand out from the rest of the neighbourhood.


With land prices in Brisbane and other key cities soaring, it’s practically wiser to go for a less expensive lot. The money you could have spent in buying a pricey piece of land would be better off used to build highly functional interiors. While narrow lots are generally cheap, the price also depends on the location. For instance, lots near the Brisbane CBD can be costlier than those in the suburbs.


Environmental advocates promote narrow lot homes because of the small ecological footprint it involves. It’s like owning only a piece of land that you need, rather than buying one that is bigger and more spacious than what you actually need. Also, you extend your living space upwards, thereby contributing in the conservation of the natural environment that is now being turned into residential areas.

These are some of the benefits of buying narrow lot homes. Work with the right builder to get the most of your new home.