Need Help with your Sprinkler? Call a Sprinkler Repair Company

Sprinkler spewing waterSprinkler systems are essential in keeping a lawn and garden looking good all year. If a system is installed and programmed correctly, it will deliver the needed amount of water to the lawn and garden automatically. Many people choose sprinkler systems because they can set the water levels and you would not have to do much. Like everything mechanical, sprinkler systems can break down and need repairs.

Finding the right home sprinkler repair in Salt Lake City need not be a challenge. Many installation companies do repairs too. Talk to friends and neighbors to get leads on such a company. Get professional help to get a diagnosis and then let them handle it for you so that your lawn and plants don’t suffer.

Common Sprinkler Problems

  • Common issues that most homeowners have with their systems are:
  • Clogged sprinkler heads
  • Leaky sprinklers or pipes
  • Spray patterns
  • Blocked or broken lines or sprinklers
  • Low water pressure
  • Malfunctioning monitor

How sprinkler repair companies can help:


In cold climates, sprinkler pipes can burst if the system is not winterized. This can be expensive as the system consists of interconnected pipes under the lawn. Installation and repair companies can fix the problem and save the homeowner money.

Spotting problems

Sometimes a sprinkler head can get clogged and stop working. If it is a pop-up type of sprinkler head, check if dirt is clogging it. If not, then check the pipes to ensure that water pressure is not too low. Broken sprinkler heads are easy enough to fix. In fact, a homeowner can do it on his own if it is only one or two heads.

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Zoning problems

Depending on the size of the yard, sprinkler systems are set up in zones. Automatic timers can malfunction and not work as intended. If this is the case, then the sprinkler repair company can inspect it and fix this and other issues in one go. It pays to check on your own before calling in professional help.

Sprinkler systems work well and have minimal problems. The cost of repairs will depend on the problem and to what extent. You can avoid having problems with regular maintenance and winterizing.