New Parents’ Guide to Affordable Dream House Choices

Brand new apartment in PerthMany new parents dream of owning their own dream house. However, it may be hard to manage that with the continuous flow of bills and expenditures. Good thing there are other options apart from buying a brand new apartment complex or a new residential development project.

Here are some of those options:

Fixer Upper – Old homes are quite sturdy and long-lasting. However, they may have out-dated features that need to be replaced. Such features — like an energy-efficient HVAC system, eco-friendly windows and environmentally sound insulation — need to be installed so you won’t be saddled with a money-guzzling property. Have the house inspected to know exactly what you will need to fix beyond what your DIY kits can do.

Starter Home – These are affordable housing that can fit a start-up family such as newlyweds or a one-child family. They are compact but have a lot of space-saving and energy efficient features, which helps the homeowners add to their savings. If you do intend to stay in that house even after you have a third or fourth child, see if there’s enough space (like a backyard) to allow future extensions.

Auctioned Homes – There are the probate and foreclosed homes that are regularly being auctioned off or offered to the public with hefty discounts. The paperwork for these homes may take a while to process, though, and the banks take a while to respond. Once processed, however, you will own the home at a fraction of its price. Even if you get one “as-is” the building renovations you can do in Perth will most likely be less than buying a brand-new home with the same features.

If you decide to get these bargain houses, check with a trustworthy and longstanding residential building company that has a good background on home extensions and building renovations. Beyond whatever it is you can fix on your own time, these experts have the skills and materials to improve your purchase. It’s encouraging to know there are those you can ask for help to complete your dream house.