Now’s The Time To Transform and Innovate Your Kitchen

The kitchen, seeing that it is one of the most commonly utilised rooms in a home, is often the first pick of homeowners when it comes to renovations or redecorations. And as more innovative and functional decorative products are introduced into the market, now is a good time for you to transform yours.

One way to do this is to install a glass splashback.

KitchenWhat is a glass splashback?

A glass splashback is functional and decorative at the same time. In terms of utility, they minimise the risk of grout and mould growth, especially in the kitchen where moisture levels tend to be higher. When properly installed by a glass splashbacks specialist in Perth, they can create a contemporary, appealing look.

How are these products constructed?

In most cases, glass splashbacks consist of float glass. Some manufacturer use low-iron glass, since some homeowners favour something that offers more clarity.

Greenish or clear, these decorative elements need to comply with the rigorous Australian Standard AS2208 requirements, which is the ‘Safety Glazing Materials for Use in Buildings’. All glass splashbacks should have a thickness of not lower than 6mm, and should also bear the AS2208 label.

Do splashbacks only come in a clear or greenish style?

No, splashbacks actually come in various colours, finishes, and designs. However, manufacturers use two basic methods to colour the glass. One is ceramic frit, which involves layering and baking ceramic paint on the splashback to toughen it up.

The second method is the applied two-pack urethane. In a typical setting, this material is spray-painted onto the treated (pre-toughened) glass. Air drying or baking on then completes the process.

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So, should you install a glass splashback? Yes, especially if you are interested not only in giving your kitchen a more contemporary appearance, but reduce the risks of mould and grout growth as well. While these products may be more expensive than regular tiles, they are stronger, more attractive, and durable too.