Out of the City, Into the Country: The Benefits of Countryside Living

Countryside Living People who grew up in the city probably never gave much though to moving to the countryside or elsewhere. However, changes and circumstances sometimes make uprooting imperative and moving to the greener side of the country the only choice.

In fact, moving to the countryside has been one of the trends of the decades. Companies specialising in rural and semi-rural homes, such as Manor.net.au are putting country homes up for sale, in response to the influx of people wanting to make the move.

Here are the top reasons people are moving out of the bustling city and into the quieter countryside:


Life outside the city means you don’t have to set up the alarm to artificial bird chirps, but actually hear birds in the morning. This can be empowering and instead of seeing a blank and cemented wall, buildings and smoke, you see breathtaking scenery and suddenly, life isn’t so bad.

When you go out of the house, you see a lot of green – a colour proven to be relaxing and productive. Your surroundings are so clean and peaceful that time just passes by, instead of the claustrophobic feeling in the city where everyone is in a hurry.

A Feeling of Community

In the countryside, you get to know almost everyone and these people go out of their way to know you. They are there to offer any assistance and make you feel at home in their community. This is a great contrast to city living where you hardly know your neighbours. And you are always wary of anyone who approaches and who tries to befriend you.


As such, living in the countryside gives you a feeling of ease and safety. Even when walking late at night, you do not get that feeling of fear of anything bad happening to you. This is certainly unlike in the city in which certain hours and places become off limits for safety reasons.

These are just some of the benefits you would enjoy when living in the country. And your move shouldn’t be difficult in terms of finding a house since a lot of beautiful country cottages and homes are being put on sale. Change is sometimes good.