Painting Exterior Walls: Which Type of Paint Should You Go For?

Couple painting the wallRepainting the exterior walls of your home can make a significant difference to your property’s value, quality and appearance. You can likewise repair weather damage to prevent any other problem in the future.

Whether you have decided to refresh an already existing paint job or you want to switch to a new colour, it is important that you choose the right type of paint. Before contacting exterior painters in Wellington, here are some paint options you should know about:

Masonry paints

Available in various finishes and colours, masonry paint is specifically designed to protect your walls from damage caused by weather elements. For your external walls, water-based acrylic masonry paint is highly recommended. Besides waterproofing your walls, it gives room to the moisture within the walls to evaporate. This prevents dampness, which can result in mould development.

Textured Paints

If your external walls have bumps, dents, holes, lumps and other unsightly little quirks, then this is the right paint type for you because it gives total coverage and finish. These paints help mask those imperfections on your walls. The result is a uniform, even and well-finished outer wall.

Smooth paints

This category will offer you a beautiful and well evened out finish, but only if the wall is significantly smooth to start with. That means smooth paints only cover minor blemishes and other small faults present on the wall. It is, however, easy to apply compared to other exterior paint types.

There are various preparation measures to take to ensure that your wall comes out even, smooth and well finished. For instance, you can use filler paint as the base coat to fill up any holes or gaps present. Note that even though there could be no visible holes, the wall could be porous. As such, be sure to use filler or a primer before applying the top coat.

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