Palm Tree Removal Project: Basic Guide and Tricks

Palm TreePalm trees are nice plants to have in your yard, as not only do they provide shade, but also give your space a warm, tropical look. However, there are certain instances where you might need to remove that tree from where it is currently planted.

So, how do you effectively perform the task? Here is a simple guide.

Cut Down or Remove Entirely?

When preparing to remove a palm tree, the first question you need to answer is whether to simply cut it down or take it out as a whole piece.

Cutting down the tree is arguably the quicker way to go with it, as you only need to take a chainsaw to cut the trunk in half. But do note that you would be left with a stump, which, depending on what you might want to use it for later, might not be that much of a problem. Also, safeguarding the area where the tree is expected to fall will require careful planning.

On the other hand, removing a tree whole is good if you want to simply transplant a living one to another place, or if you don’t want to do a lot of after-removal work since you can simply refill the hole with soil. However, you will need to get some special equipment for this, such as a backhoe, and prepare the ground and tree for extraction.

Dealing with Tree Stumps

If you do decide to cut down the palm tree, you have to deal with the stump. Getting a stump grinder is the quickest way to deal with it, and is especially useful if you have to remove multiple stumps. As is with using any other power tool, make sure you have protection from the debris. In case you are not comfortable using the machine, consider getting professional tree stump removal. Perth arborists say that it’s not being dramatic, but about ensuring safety against injuries.

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Another way to remove a tree stump is by using chemicals. However, this will take some time, usually after several months, to show results. Remember to get the correct chemicals for the particular palm species you are dealing with for it to be more effective.

If you don’t want to go through all the labour, though, you can hire a professional tree removal service to do it for you. Just make sure you thoroughly discuss with them what your main purpose is for them to do the job correctly.