Parquetry Flooring 101: Here’s What You Need to Know

Parquetry Flooring in PerthWhen it comes to flooring systems, Perth homeowners have access to a range of material options. One of them is parquetry flooring. Before you decide whether or not it’s a good idea to invest in this flooring option, you should get to know more about it to make a wise choice. This is to help you determine its compatibility with your unique needs and preferences.

A Brief Overview

Several wooden materials combined together and cut into blocks make up parquet flooring. They come in contrasting tiles set in different geometric patterns, including contrasting shapes, such as triangles and squares. This unique design makes them quite interesting and appealing to look at. Planet Timbers says that it’s one of the top reasons Australians prefer such flooring systems in their home.

Parquet vs. Hardwood

Even though solid wood floors deliver many advantages and benefits, they often come with a high price. This is the main difference between parquet and hardwood. With the latter, you can enjoy the same benefits of hardwood floor for a lower price. In addition, parquet systems have more design and colour options you can choose from.

Parquet Construction Materials

You will find parquet blocks made from just about all types of wood. The most popular include cherry, pine, walnut, oak and even the pricier mahogany. Many manufacturers today offer greener options, like the sustainable, abundant, and quick-to-grow bamboo, as well. Keep in mind that your choice of material can affect the appearance and feel of your floors, so factor in your own needs and preferences before deciding on the least expensive option.

Another great thing about parquet flooring is its uniqueness. No two parquet blocks feature the same design and look, as they are made of different materials with different colours and grains.

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Parquet flooring boasts a number of advantages. Although they cost less than hardwood floors, they look just as nice and costly. Going unique with your flooring system does not have to be over the top. And with parquet flooring, you can make sure of this.