Places Where You Might’ve Misplaced Your Keys

KeysYou are running late for a meeting and you find yourself scrambling to find your keys in your pockets and suit. Head-scratching, you then rush inside the house, constantly moving your eyes left and right, looking for something somewhere you’re uncertain. All of a sudden, the frustration starts to kick in.

This is perhaps how most people do when they lost their keys, whether it’s for their car, house or anything that has a lock. Losing your keys often compel you to call your trusted locksmiths, which is the most practical thing to do. But, before you reach out for the telephone, it might be better to look around first.


Panicking won’t do you any good when looking for your keys because you tend to overlook some of the most common places to search around, which is the drawer. This area seems very common that many don’t even attempt to peek inside. Before you go anywhere else, try opening all the doors of the drawers first.

Dark Corners

If you can’t find the keys on the first glance, then it’s probably in some dark corner of your house. Move every piece of furniture and inspect under the carpet. You might have kicked it when you dropped it the night you were so drunk. Look underneath the sofa beds, kitchen sink and plant pots, as well.

Yesterday’s Pants

People keep losing their keys. In fact, of the top 20 items that individuals often lose, house and car keys rank second and third, respectively. When you lose something, try to remember where you last saw or had it. It’s probably just in the pocket of your favourite pair of denim.

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Some Place Else

While losing your keys inside the house gives you better odds of finding it, losing it somewhere else gives you slim chances of recovering it. But, you can always try to go back to the places where you’ve been. In most cases, people lose the keys inside theatres, public transportations and in a friend’s house.

The secret to prevent losing your keys in the future is to designate a certain area in the house where you should always place it – be it a bowl, a hook or anything where you won’t misplace the keys.