Pool Maintenance 101: Removing Annoying Pool Algae

Pool MaintenanceIf a pool is properly maintained, it will not have any problems with pool algae. Operating your swimming pool all year round is recommended. Ensure that your pool water balance is maintained correctly so it will be an unlikely environment for pool algae to grow.

Of course, cleaning your pool is essential. But, if you do encounter a battle with pool algae, know how to treat your plunge pool the right way. It does not matter if you live in Perth or on the other side of the globe. Pool algae is happy to holiday anywhere there is water.

The Hazards of Algae

Despite the fact that no one would dare swim in a pool infested with algae, they are an obvious sign of a neglected swimming pool and one that does not maintain the correct water balance. Ensure that your pool is algae-free and the water is correctly chemically balanced before you take a plunge.

The Treatment of Algae

Removing algae in your pool is fairly simple if you know the appropriate action to take. The remedy will of course depend on the problem and how bad the algae infestation is. If there is just a little bit of algae on the floors and walls of your pool adding an extra dose of chlorine to the pool water may be enough. If the situation is worse and the pool water looks green, the pool should be cleaned removing as much debris as possible.

Brush walls, vacuum, and backwash the filter. You will then need to shock and flock the pool. Flocking the pool will bind all of the particles together and drop them to the floor of the pool where they can be vacuumed to waste and removed from your swimming pool.

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Ensure you speak to a pool professional if you cannot see the bottom of your swimming pool. They will guide you on the appropriate action to take in order to get you and your family safely swimming again in time for summer!