Preventing Leaves from Damaging Your Gutters

Gutter Maintenance Falling leaves — they are harbingers of many good things. The tree is growing and extending upward. The friendly winds are all around. The fall is just around the corner.

But falling leaves may also mean the opposite. They are technically trash, and they can damage your roof in ways you haven’t imagined. They clog the gutters, which leads to the build-up of moisture. This moisture eats away at the foundations of the roof and causes the exteriors to deteriorate.

You need to keep these leaves out before it’s too late. Here are some tips to get you covered.

Trim the Branches

Be hands-on and keep the leaves from falling into your gutter by trimming the branches that are extending towards your home. Make sure that the branches are at least five feet away from the edge of your roof.

Clean the Gutters Regularly

This is another proactive step you need to take. While the wind may carry away the leaves in your gutter, some may get stuck there for some time. As such, you need to make it a point to clean the gutters at least every week.

Get Rid of Pests

Get rid of common pests that turn your gutters into their homes. Birds are the most common pests that you may encounter. In case you see some piles of leaves that serve as their nests, you need to attend to it right away. Rodents, such as mice and squirrels, are the other culprits. Apply repellants, such as fake predator odors and sounds, to keep the pests at bay.

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Use Gutter Guards

If things are getting out of hand, it’s time to install the best better gutter guards from Gutter Helmet. These appliances are used to block the entry points in your gutter and keep the leaves out. These come in different types of materials, so pick the one that suits your needs.

These are only some of the things to keep in mind if you want to keep your gutters protected. You may seek the help of a roofing or cleaning contractor to do the job for you.