Privacy Policy

Oftimes understands the issues that usually arise from websites. Privacy is one of those issues. We know it well, and we take active steps to ensure that our users make the most out of our website with privacy leaks being the last thing on their minds.

We want to enhance user experience by building trust with our readers. Building trust means being transparent about what happens in our website and what we do to maintain our readers’ confidentiality. One way of doing that is by letting our readers in the know about our privacy policy.

Use of personal information

Our website gathers information as far as our content is concerned. We value your privacy just as we value ours. While we may ask for your personal information occasionally, they are on a voluntary basis while considering your best interests in mind. We only use personal information to track the visits of our website and improve user experience. That is as far as it goes. We make sure that the information you provide stays with us and never reaches other persons or websites.


Oftimes never uses cookies to track your browsing activities. We always consider the safety and privacy of our readers.

External links to third party sites

We may sometimes gather external links from third-party sites to bring more quality, accuracy and credibility in our articles. The privacy policies of these sites may be different and not covered by our own. As such, we do not claim responsibility for them. We suggest that you browse their privacy policies thoroughly before giving away your personal information to them.

Changes to our policy

Oftimes reserves the right to make changes to our privacy policy at any time without prior notification. We recommend that you visit our website regularly for updates or contact us if you have concerns to our privacy policy.