Protecting Your Home from Harmful UV Rays

Fully-protected house exterior

Some individuals begin smiling once summer rolls in. This, of course, is not surprising as sunshine can boost one’s mood and is a great way to boost vitamin D levels.

Too much sunlight, however, can be bad for you and your property. Excessive sunlight can fade and damage fabrics, paints, and plastics. Given its effects on homes, some people install awnings to give their homes a much-needed protection. says that awnings can shield exterior furnishings, interior furnishings, entrances, windows, and window treatments from the harmful UV rays of the sun.

On top of installing awnings, here are a couple of ways on how you can protect your home from UV radiation.

Install Low-E Coatings on Your Window

Equipping your window with a Low-E coating can help stop 75 percent of the UV radiation. This figure is a big deal since a regular single pane glass could only reflect 25 percent of the UV rays. To ensure a solid, year-round protection for your home, consider combining several panes with Low-E coating.

In addition to keeping the UV rays away, Low-E is efficient in keeping cool air or radiant heat (depending on the season) inside your house. This can help you minimize cooling and heating bills as well as ensure a more constant temperature inside your home.

Install a Light-Filtering Shade

This is for individuals who do not mind decreasing the amount of light entering their homes. A light-filtering shade, such as an inexpensive cell shade, will let a bit of light in your house but still block out the sun’s damaging rays.

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Installing low-e coating on your window and light-filtering shades can help shield your home from the damaging rays of the sun. Take note that when you take steps to protect your home, you are also taking steps to protect yourself. Keeping harmful UV rays from your home can reduce the risk of certain skin problems, such as skin cancer.