Prune-a-Tree 101: Essential Tips and Tricks for Amateurs

TreesYour trees may require pruning for different reasons — usually for aesthetic or safety purposes, or to maintain their health. There are many schools of thoughts and techniques available for you if you decide to prune your trees by yourself, but first, you should know the basics.

Basic Tree Pruning Tips for Healthy Trees

If your trees require crown thinning, you must keep their lateral branches spaced evenly as much as possible; this is especially true for younger trees. Prune tree branches running or crossing against each other, but be careful not to cut more than ¼ of the living crown in one go. If for some reason you require to prune more than ¼ of the living crown, tree pruning experts Beaver Tree Services recommend that you spread them out over a couple of years.

In the event that you need to prune your tree for clearance purposes, whether for your house or people walking by your tree, you can consider raising the crown by careful tree pruning. Ideally, you must maintain living branches at 2/3 of the minimum of the height of your tree, since if you prune too much close to the branches’ bottom section, your tree may be unable to grow a durable stem.

In addition, if you must really prune over half of a branch’s foliage, you can consider cutting off the entire branch. Only reduce living crowns when completely necessary; otherwise, lateral branches can be pruned if they are 1/3 of the stem’s diameter that requires removal.

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DIY or Professional Tree Pruning?

Now that you’ve decided to prune your trees, you should now choose whether to go the DIY route or have professionals do the job for you. If you want to have a go at tree pruning, keep in mind the above guidelines for you and your trees’ safety.

On the other hand, if you trees are large and require pruning of bigger branches located in the crown’s upper section, you should consider hiring professionals offering tree pruning services in Perth. This will require climbing and use of heavy equipment like chain saws and even cherry pickers that can be better and safely performed by tree experts.

Remember, your safety is a top priority, so don’t compromise it just to save a couple of dollars. For better and safer tree pruning, hiring a pro is the way to go.