Regain Your Independence with Mobility Devices

A Wheelchair Bound Person
One in five people in America has a disability. Some are born with their condition, but the majority develop one later.  If the disability has limited your independence, you can regain it by changing your home.

The number of people living with disabilities in the United States has climbed to one in every five people.  The upsurge in chronic medical conditions and an aging population are two of the reasons why disability has become common.

For those older than 50 years who have been impacted by health problems, an overwhelming 80 percent would prefer to live independently and stay in their home rather than go into an assisted living facility or rely on home care aides.

Adapting the Home Brings Freedom

Modifying the home reduces the level of disability because the individual can do more things without the use of their personal assistant or they may not require one at all. Equipment that you can install includes:

​Home Wheelchair Lifts

For full-time wheelchair users, wheelchair lifts are available in Denver and other cities. It gives them access to the upstairs rooms of their house.  They can also be installed outside a home, for example, if there are steps up to the front door.

Stair Lifts

Having a stair lift installed prevents falls and gives the person complete access to the entire house. Stair lifts can come with a seat belt for extra safety and can be installed on curved stairs or with hinged tracks, so they don’t block doorways.

Wheelchair Ramps

A more affordable option is the installation of a wheelchair ramp.

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​Walk-In Tubs

Walk-in tubs are bathtubs with flat access and doors that can open to allow the person to walk in or out of the tub.  They are good for people with limited mobility and arthritis.

For a local wheelchair lift, wheelchair ramps, stair lifts, walk-in tubs or other assisting devices, contact a mobility company that provides equipment to homeowners.