Rent Your Tent: Computing for the Right Size and Number

Some might ask aboTent for Rent ut the need to rent tents. You just have to think of Murphy’s Law to answer this question easily. Meaning, you should always expect rain, and even if you can transfer quickly to an emergency venue, you’re lucky to get there before your suit gets wet.

You need tents for your party, but how do you identify the right size and decors that go with your rental concerns?

Computing for the Proper Size

The first factor to consider is the number of guests you’re expecting. The regular table is 60 inches wide, which can accommodate eight people. This table size actually takes up 100 square feet.

When you have 150 guests, simply divide that number by 8 and you have 18.75. Round this up to 19 since there’s no way to split a person to sit at separate tables. Multiplied by 100, you need 1,900 square feet. When using long tables, lower the size to 80 square feet for every eight guests.

Similar computations apply to the buffet table. These measurements dictate the size and number of tents you rent from Rochester suppliers. Most companies offer varied product types such as frame, pole, and specialty tents in sizes that will suit any number of guests.

Decorating Considerations

You should see beforehand the structure of your tent for decoration purposes. Remember the design of your event and consider the poles of the tents. You have a choice to cover these visible portions with decorations such as cloth liners and pole add-ons.

It’s your decision as well if you prefer to set up tent walls or to install the top cover only. The walls keep too much wind from coming in. You may choose to have all angles covered or have the other parts with windows. It’s also ideal to put in plants, flowers, and lanterns for added effect.

When you have the right size of tents with the appropriate decors, your guests will be comfortable throughout the event.