Renting a Room Away from Home: Getting a Storage Space

Self-storageSpecialised storage spaces for huge containers, caravans and even for your new fibreglass boat are available for rent throughout Australia. When your home starts to overflow with stuff you’ve accumulated through the years, it’s probably time to consider expanding your storage space beyond the borders of your property. Seasonal clothing, memorabilia, sports equipment, furniture and other household belonging take up a lot of space, which you can allot for stuff you need right now instead.

What type of facility falls under ‘self-storage’?

Self-storage’ is any facility that offers a specific place for consumers to store their goods for a monthly rental fee. Some areas are purpose built to serve as storage space. Others are converted warehouses and buildings with the available space divided into sections. A standard facility provides customer service tools such as carts and dollies for easy transport of bulky and heavy objects.

A unit typically has roll-up doors, security equipment, and in some cases, climate control technology. Access is exclusive to anyone who has the key, which means you can visit your room away from home anytime. Units, which are accessed from an interior hallway, may also accommodate commercial goods. As long as you’re not violating the statutes of the contract, you can store anything you want.

What are the primary considerations when choosing a storage space for personal belongings?

When you’re dealing with a self storage representative in Perth, you have a chance of getting prime and affordable storage if you know a few things. One of the factors influencing the rental fee is the location of the facility. If you  don’t mind driving to the outskirts of Perth to collect an important document, or to place a box of the kids’ old toys, then you’ll enjoy cheaper rent. Facilities located in urban centres usually have higher fees for the same amount of storage space.

Lastly, consider the security features. Your minimum requirements for a storage facility should include security guards on patrol, CCTV cameras and state-of-the-art monitoring equipment. Perth Metro Storage, a self storage provider in Perth WA, says there should be a 24 /7 security and on-site management to give you peace of mind.

Getting a self storage unit is practical if you have too many furniture or items that you’re not using at home. Consider your budget and make sure that the unit is secure.