Roof Repair: Finding Leaks in Your Home

Roof RepairRoof leaks catch you off guard. It can be very disappointing to find out while you watch and cannot do anything about it. All you can do is prepare the buckets and catch the drops before it damages your interior. Doing repairs or applying sealants may be too late as it is hard to work on them while it is pouring outside. This should not always be the case in your home. You need to find leaks before the rainy season starts. Here are some things you might be looking over.

Think like water

Water takes the space of its container and follows the law of gravity. It can easily seep through holes and crevices no matter how small they are. Due to these qualities, you have to eliminate possible entry points they may have in your home. Watch out for holes in the ceiling or unsealed corners where water may run off on the walls. Check the roof and see if there are any cracked tiles or dents. Water can enter your ceiling through these breaks. Apply sealants quickly while the rain has not yet come.

Water leaves marks

Watermarks are the first things you should look for when moving into a new home. You can easily tell when a carpet receives water or when the ceiling suffers from leaks. Find the focal point or center of the marks and it will lead you to where the holes are. Water has the power to weaken hard objects such as wood and walls so find parts that show signs of weathering. These parts are usually softer or easier to break with just a touch.

Find experts on roof leak repair. Always trust a professional in doing potentially dangerous jobs such as fixing your roof. Keep your shelter leak-free to avoid water damages to your interior.