Save Your Trees! How Tree Risk Assessment Can Help

Save Your Trees in AustraliaTrees deliver a myriad of benefits to you and everyone else in an urban environment — these also increase with the age and size of a tree. On the other hand, taller and older trees are likewise highly likely to accidentally drop their branches or result in root conflicts over time. If you own a tree fitting the description above, you must take the time to properly identify their potential risks.

Why Tree Risk Assessment is Crucial

Whether risks are due to extreme weather conditions, such as extreme winds, or whether a construction project has negatively impacted your trees, you must learn to determine tree risk and corresponding management techniques to ascertain that your trees will continue to deliver their full range of benefits.

Arborists, experts on various Perth tree service offerings, may aid you in managing your trees and offer treatment options for reducing risks related to particular trees.

Professional Tree Risk Assessment

During a professional risk assessment, arborists like those from Beaver Tree Services may recommend any of the following:

  • Prune your trees to eliminate the threat of defective branches dropping on people or property. As improper pruning techniques can result in weaker trees, it is best performed by professionals.
  • Brace and cable your trees to offer support for weaker stems and branches and increase their stability and strength. These will usually ensure physical support for an indefinite amount of time so close monitoring is crucial.
  • Remove possible targets. While your home, a neighbor’s roof, or power lines are practically immovable, you can move potential targets such as vehicles, garden furniture, and landscape features among others to prevent them from being damaged by a tree.
  • Ensure regular care and maintenance. Older trees require more frequent and extensive maintenance such as giving them more nutrients, water (and sometimes even mulch), as well as pruning according to their structure and the season.
  • If all else fails, cut down your tree. Unfortunately, trees with unacceptable risk levels are best cut down. Planting a new tree in place of the felled tree is strongly recommended.
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Learn how to take care of trees, and they will take care of you for a long time.