Self-Storage Units for Businesses: Securing Goods and Documents

storage australiaAs a business owner, the biggest challenge you’ll probably have to face is finding a place to store your goods safely. Warehouses are usually the first place you’ll think of when it comes to storing all the stuff you’re looking to sell, but these do not offer the same level of security as self-storage units.

These storage spaces may be for short-term renting and leasing, but they are arguably the superior option if you’re looking for a place to store your goods or important documents in a safer and more secure place.

Maximum Security

Store-All WA notes that unlike warehouses, self-storage units are a more secure place to store your business’s goods or important documents. Facility employees don’t have access to what’s inside the self-storage containers unlike warehouses, so there’s little to no chance of getting your things stolen. Additionally, you’ll be the one providing the lock for your storage space.

Self-storage facilities are relatively smaller than warehouses and though this may sound counterproductive for something that provides storage space, it does make the facility more secure. The smaller space means there’s less places for thieves to hide, and allows CCTV cameras to scope out every nook and cranny better.

Weather Resistant

One underrated benefit of self-storage units is that they are more weather resistant compared to warehouses. The same metal doors that keep away thieves also resist fire, water, and other environmental damages better. If your business revolves around fragile goods or you’re looking to store important documents and paperwork, these weather-resistant storage spaces are ideal.

Affordable Storage

Finally, self-storage facilities are considerably more affordable than renting out an entire space in a warehouse. As these storage units are for short-term renting only, usually on a month-to-month basis, the price to rent out storage spaces are usually at half the price compared to warehouses. This makes it appealing for businesses just starting out or is already beginning to expand.

If you’re looking for a place to store your goods and important documents, consider renting out a self-storage unit. It isn’t just more affordable than renting space at a warehouse; it’s also more secure and less prone to environmental damage.