Setting Up Your Surprise: Celebrating Your Wedding Anniversary Date At Home

Wedding anniversary date at homeYour anniversary is just a few days ahead and you’re strapped for cash, time or ideas. You want to make it special and truly memorable. Why not make it a surprise and make the kitchen or bedroom a romantic getaway?

Set the Date – If it doesn’t fall on the weekend, you’ll need to find a way to arrange your schedules right. You don’t even need to file for a whole day off from work as long as you’re able to get home in time to prepare your home for the date. If the anniversary day can’t work for either one of you, there’s nothing wrong with celebrating it a bit earlier or even later.

Prepare the Menu – Make the date extra special by cooking something simple for you and your partner. There are many delicious dishes you can prepare a day or two ahead or even a few hours before they arrive. Pick dishes that don’t require a lot of cooking or can be left alone on a low heat. Pasta dishes, chicken, fish, plus soups and salads work best for these sorts of occasions.

Redecorate – Transport your partner to a different place by changing the dining room or bedroom for a night. It doesn’t have to be especially elaborate but you can go all out if you have time. Change the entire mood with rugs, scented candles and tinted light fixtures. Better yet, order window blinds online and install them before the big day. The good news is, you can keep them there even on ordinary days.

Pick the Music – Think back on songs, albums and bands that remind you of when you first started dating. Play it lightly in the background just a few minutes before your partner opens the door.

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Romance and intimacy are far from dead. You just have to get a little creative once in a while and step out of your comfort zone. Good luck with the surprise and happy anniversary.