Should You Build a Pool? Tips to Decide

Pool in Salt Lake CityA pool in the yard makes parties and family get-togethers alive and cheerful. However, building one is more like an ongoing responsibility. If you are not ready to commit, then perhaps a pool is the least you’d want to build in your yard, or you can just opt for a collapsible above-ground pool.

Here are some tips from Dolphin Pools & Spas to help you decide if building a pool is a good investment.

Does a pool increase a home’s value?

It depends on several factors like the climate where you live in, and the condition and the style of the pool. A pool might increase your home’s value if you live in warm regions like Florida or in higher-end areas where a pool is present in most homes in the neighborhood. But then, even if it is updated and well-maintained, families with small children may not find a home with a pool a suitable choice.

According to, a pool can improve the value of a home by 7 percent.

How about insurance?

The cost of insurance will increase depending on the state where you live in. Most companies will charge additional $200,000 to $400,000 liability coverage for homes with a backyard pool. Review your homeowner’s policy before making further steps.

Before making a decision…

The recreational and social value that a backyard pool provides is priceless. This is truer if you are the type who stays at home more often and loves to invite friends to come over. At the same time, a well-built pool can improve the home’s aesthetic appeal. However, you should also be aware that owning a pool comes with recurring expenses, and commitment is an important requirement.

Before you call a pool builder, you should also consider your lot area. Will there be enough space for a garden or play area after installing a pool? Disregard this and you’ll find yourself in trouble by the time you decide to sell your home. Finally, check with zoning to avoid problems and penalties.

A backyard pool can either make or break the scene at the end of the day. Therefore, it is best that you do thorough research and consider all the circumstances before you sign up for construction.