Should You Use Cedar Wood at All?

Cedar WoodAre you thinking of a new building project for your home? Do you want a new shed, a cubby, a deck or even studio?

One of the first things you think of when you want to build something new is the look of your project. Woodworking means you have a myriad of woods available for the project, but it usually comes down to three: treated wood, cedar and composite.

Of all the three, the most popular is usually cedar wood. We’ve talked to expert builders and industry veterans to know why:

1. Looks gorgeous

Nothing makes beautiful garden workshop sheds like cedar wood, according to Cedar Shed. The red heartwood material catches the eye and looks great against the green of your yard. If you want something that has a premium look and can go well with chic furniture, its cedar wood.

2. Resistant to rot

Again, the red heartwood of the cedar tree is resistant to rot. It doesn’t absorb moisture that much, so it doesn’t split, twist or break that easily.

3. Environment-friendly

Unlike synthetic woods that contribute to greenhouse gases. Cedar wood removes these harmful materials from the air. Make sure you get your wood from sustainably-managed forests. This means that the providers don’t engage in excess logging and replace what they take.

4. Not as expensive

Cedar wood isn’t in the top tier of woods when it comes to price. It falls roughly in the middle range, with the best quality cedar roughly going for $6.50 per foot. You can even get the basic finished wood for just over $4.

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5. Last longer

If you aren’t keen on replacing the wood, get cedar. The life span is easily 15 to 20 years. But this is only if you treat the place right. Any heavy-duty use is going to degrade the wood much faster.

In the end, if you want something beautiful and long lasting but at the same time not so expensive, then cedar wood is your best bet.