Shower Screens for your Bathroom: Which Style Do You Prefer?

Shower Screens in AustraliaA shower screen is one of the most important parts of your bathroom. Other than preventing the water from flooding the room, it also serves as a style solution that defines your private space.

Choosing the right shower screen can significantly improve the functionality and appeal of your bathroom. However, with the many types of screens in the market, it can be difficult to find the best for your home. It pays to know your options first before shopping around.

Pivot Door

­In this type of screen, renovators mount all the glass panels in place, except for the door panel. The door features a pivot hinge, allowing opening from inside or outside of the shower. Perth suppliers like Bathroom International recommend shower screens like this for corner units.

Sliding Door

Shower screens with a sliding door features a panel that serves as the door. As its name suggests, the panel can slide from one side to the other. Depending on the amount of privacy you want, choose from standard transparent glass to tinted and frosted glass.

Fixed Swing

This type has a fixed panel and a swinging door, which only opens outwards, unlike pivot doors that work both ways. You see this type often in big bathrooms with enough space to accommodate the panel used as the door.

Fixed Panel

This type is usually mounted to the edge of the bath or directly onto the floor of the bathroom. It has no door at all, just a panel fixed in place. This is best if you want a walk-in shower.

The choice of shower screen often depends on the available space and current features of your bathroom. Also keep in mind the comfort, needs and preferences of the user to get the best screen.