Six Tenacious Yard Weeds You Need to Control

Gardener Removing a Weed from the LawnThe sun is shining, and your neighbors have finally acknowledged you have a green thumb. But you’re a worried gardener. You’ve noticed some unwanted guests in your pristine garden. How do you deal with those pesky weeds without hurting your precious plants? You can start by checking out this list of six tenacious weeds driving Utah gardeners crazy. Follow their tips in lawn weed control; Salt Lake City‘s garden experts will help you get your lawn under control.

In Utah, these six weeds are the most common invaders.


Often called wild morning glory, this perennial with long roots, arrow-shaped leaves and white to pink funnel-shaped flowers, is invasive and tenacious. You can kill off this weed using the following options: use mulch to change the conditions bindweed thrives in; use herbicides; or pouring boiling water on the weed. All of these would kill or control bindweed’s growth.


This herbaceous perennial loves gardens with clay soil, but it’s very adaptive. The weed is hard to eradicate but may be controlled with amending the soil with compost and lawn fertilization. You can also try hand-pulling or pouring specialty vinegar on the weed.

Canada thistle

Canada thistle, also called California thistle or field thistle, is a long-rooted, creeping perennial. Lawn weed control experts in Salt Lake City recommend improving soil fertility and use of herbicides to control this menace.

Bermuda grass

This pesky weed is a low-growing perennial grass. A rototiller can help slow down the weed, but herbicides are usually a better control method.

Spotted spurge

This low-growing prostrate annual weed grows very quickly in warm temperatures until frost kills it. Hand-pulling is the common way to manage spotted spurge.

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This warm season summer annual grass can invade lawns, gardens, cropland, and waste areas. If crabgrass has invaded your garden or yard, try pouring boiling water directly on it to kill the weed at the root.

Weed management is one of the top garden and lawn care problems. Removing these unwanted guests from your yard can be a demanding task. Your chosen control method will depend on many factors. Talking to a lawn weed control service in Salt Lake City can help you understand why there are invaders in your garden and banish them for good.