Smart Space-Saving Design Ideas for your Granny Flats

Granny FlatsGranny flats are often pictured as small, old-fashioned, boring, backyard houses. However, much like normal houses, many granny flats today use modern styles and designs. Some are even equipped with ergonomic features and furnished with contemporary fixtures.

This is probably because of their evolving functions as dwelling and the owners’ growing needs for options rather than the traditional prefabricated styles. Many granny flat builders in Perth, for instance, offer flexible home designs that allow you to incorporate your own style and customise its look and feel. Here are some space-smart tips and tricks on designing your granny flat.

 Use Glass Doors

There are many ways to make a space look larger and airier. One good way is by using glass. Install glass doors to blend your limited living space with the outdoor. They won’t only lend a touch of sleek sophistication to your granny flat, but will also let natural light in. You also get good views of your patio or garden from inside.

Go for a Light Colour Palette

A light palette is a good choice if you want to make your small space feel airy and open. Colours used in old-style granny flats such as rose pinks and yellow carnations make good choices. Pastel colours like light blues and greens would also look good for your humble backyard abode, says Gran Designs WA.

Go Minimalist with Your Interiors

There’s no need to say a minimalist design suits a granny flat well. Go for a simple, smaller couch for your lounge and a narrower island for your kitchenette. It’s now easier to find smaller home furniture and appliances when you go online.

Know Your Needs

Design is not just about aesthetics, but also about your lifestyle needs. If you’re using your granny flat as a training ground for an adult son who is planning to move out, think about his needs. Think about adding an extra space or area for collections and belongings. Think of adding other space-saving elements such as bike wall mounts and small side tables.

Keep these tips in mind to make use of your granny flat’s limited space wisely.