Space, Style and Technology: A Conference Room Design Guide

Conference Room DesignUnless you plan to operate a business in a sprawling office space with every specialised room built in, the room with the largest table and most comfortable chairs will usually become the conference room. After all, this is a room where, supposedly, ‘the magic happens’ — from the most lucrative business deals to the most inspiring presentations.

It is the corporate world’s theatre, and a company should know how best to set the scene.


When constructing a new meeting room or renovating an existing one, there are certain common pitfalls to avoid.  One of the most important of these is to ensure the room is big enough for the company’s needs. 

Whiteleys Office Furniture suggests that planners should conduct a thorough assessment of the main purpose of the meeting room. There should be enough space to accommodate an entire division if necessary. There must be enough space at the table to permit the addition of a few more meeting room chairs on occasion. A good conference room should have ample space for presenters to walk around in, and for occupants to sit at the table without feeling too cramped. Transactions are less tense when participants are not, literally, rubbing elbows.


It is also important to consider furniture and the room’s overall décor. While most businesses could make do with traditional corporate interiors, those who wish to make an impression and foster creativity could install eye-catching furniture and unconventional art pieces. Of course, companies must walk the line between interesting and distracting, especially if they are reliant on video conferencing.

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It is also beneficial for companies to install reliable equipment inside their meeting rooms — equipment their employees know how to operate. Computers, projectors, and plenty of power sockets are essential for any modern conference room.

Designing a new conference room is as simple as recognising the company’s needs. Any business that hopes to excel must take some time to understand the key role that a well-planned conference room can play in the growth of the company.