Spend Your Vacation Here: Strategies in Marketing a Vacation Home

Vacation HomeCan you imagine yourself staying on a vacation home while earning extra money at the same time? This is not wishful thinking by the way. This scenario is possible when you buy management rights.

Resort Brokers Australia knows that people who purchase management rights have an opportunity to earn letting commissions on top of a salary and a residence. If the property you are managing is a vacation home, you are in luck. As an on-site manager, you can market the landlord’s property to attract tourists and earn commission.

Are you excited? Here are a couple of marketing strategies to reach tourists:

Start With Listing Sites

Create an entry for your vacation home either on a paid listing site or on a free listing site. Both options require writing a description of the property, pictures that highlight the beauty of the property and the available amenities.

What is the difference between paid and free? Paid listing sites get more traffic for a high price. Expect to receive a good number of booking inquiries when you choose this option. As for free listing sites, you can still get a couple of inquiries a month without spending money. To make the most out of a free listing site, you can link your listed entry to your property website.

Set Up a Property Website

While it is not a bad idea to market a vacation home via listing sites, you should not stop there. A property website is the perfect avenue to get creative. Let your creative juices flow by vividly describing the benefits of staying in your vacation home.

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At first, your property website will not generate multiple bookings. To increase visibility and attract traffic, you can promote your website through social media.

When your property is promoted effectively, tourists will rent your vacation home while you reap in the commission income. It is a win-win situation when you think about it.