A Spot for Your Spa: Integrating Hot Tubs in Outdoor Spaces

Hot Tubs in Outdoor Spaces in UtahHot tubs are a delightful addition to any home, but it is not easy to place them outdoors. For some reason, these spas just stick out like a sore thumb whenever you try to make them blend with the landscape. Although it’s such a relaxing experience to take a dip in one, it gets hard to create an aesthetically sound landscape with the presence of a tub. But hard as it may be, the important thing is that it can be done. 

Here are ways for you to integrate hot tubs and bullfrog spas in your Utah home:

Conceal It

In the first place, who said your hot tub should be the first thing you see in the landscape? There are ways to hide it from plain sight to give it the feel of your personal oasis. Rather than find ways to make it work with every other element in the space, try to camouflage it. Add walls on its sides, place it in a corner, and then surround it with plants. It’s not a bad idea at all.

Connect It

Another great option would be to anchor the tub to an outdoor room, like your deck or maybe an al fresco dining area. Through this approach, the hot tub becomes complementary to the presence of another space in your outdoor area.

Highlight It

Let’s go against the first suggestion completely for a while here. If you’re feeling bold with your design choice, make it the main focus in the landscape. Highlight it by turning it into a major focal point. Use the greens and the rocks as your backdrop. Give the tub some character and complement it with a shade or extra lighting. A sundeck would also work in your favor here.

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Hot tubs outdoors can work. All you have to do is take some extra measures to ensure this addition doesn’t sully the appeal of your outdoor space. With the right choices, your landscape would look even better with the presence of a spa.