Start from Scratch or a Minor Cosmetic Home Fix?

Home Renovation in New ZealandIf you are buying an older home, you must answer the age-old question: Should you demolish or renovate?

It is not uncommon to find yourself torn between these two choices. After all, there are perks that come with starting from scratch or fixing your new home up. If there is a middle road, you can choose to rebuild some parts and demolish the others.

Before you make your decision, there are some factors you will need to consider.

Casting Costs: Which is More Expensive?

If your new house is beyond repair, especially in terms of structure, a complete demolition might be cheaper than trying to revive it. In some cases, repair of major damages include sourcing the right materials, consideration of energy efficiency and intensive labour — all of which can be very expensive. But if the house calls for it,, a local builder, recommends going ahead with the demolition.

On the other hand, if you love the house as it is, some minor cosmetic fixes might do the trick. Renovations are also great means to cut down your environmental footprint. Just make sure that you know the plan and if it fits your budget.

Know your Limits: Boundary Regulations

In some cases, the law forbids you to knock down a house and build a new one in the same position. There are regulations on how far property boundaries changed since the building of the original home. While it might have been alright to build a house, a change in rules might stop you from any demolition projects.

For instances like this, a major renovation is your best option. Achieve a compromise by using the current footprint of the building and retain its facade.

Your Other Considerations

If you wish to renovate rather than demolish, one of your best options is to do the project in stages with a roof still over your head. Always consider where you will live during the renovation or building, as well as the costs that add for the duration of the project.

Choosing between a renovation and a demolition can be tricky. If you cannot decide, seek help from your local builders for an informed decision. Their experience can help you determine whether you should start from scratch or just address the little fixes.