Stylish Stools – The Decorator’s Secret Weapon, A Designer Says

Space is always the challenge when it comes to decorating interiors. Adding lots of stuff in a room and it will look more like a storage area instead of a home. Doing the opposite, on the other hand, makes a home look deserted.

This problem usually happens in kitchen areas. As the center of social activity at homes, kitchens should have many seats to accommodate people. As Marika Meyer, an interior designer in DC, said: “It doesn’t matter how huge or tiny your home is, people will congregate in the kitchen. You might as well make it comfortable.”

Bar Old ToolsBut what of kitchens in a tight squeeze? Interior designers came up with this answer – a stylish set of stools in your kitchen counter. “Stools are decorators’ secret weapon for adding seating and a bold color,” says Meyer who is known for blending clean lines with feminine patterns and bold doses of color. Stools are ideal for adding seats and styles for any kitchen.

Mixing function and fun

Stools are ideal for not only adding extra seats but also style to your kitchen, thus mixing function and fun. Stools can bring a splash of color or texture to a dull space without the need to add paintings and other decorations in the walls. These seats do well in enhancing a room like a brightly patterned settee or accent chair. Designers also consider stools as their favorite decorating tool because it is less aesthetically risky. These seats come in pairs so the colors and prints are repeated, ensuring harmony and balance in your kitchen’s design.

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People can do many things with stools by trying out different color schemes. Meyer said: “You can be a little more daring. Stools do wonders for tying a color scheme together.” For instance, she recommended industrial or metal bistro stools in lime, orange or other summery hues. She also added that these should still match the countertops, however.

Shopping for stools

Meyer added some guidelines when shopping for stools. For measurements, she suggested stools that leave about 12 inches of space between the height of the stool and the height of the counter to keep guests comfortable. People should for 24-inch stools for a 36-inch kitchen counter, for instance.

For traditional homes with high ceiling rooms, she suggested Windsor-back stools. Saddle stools with perforated leather seats would look nice for masculine settings.

Placing your stools

Stools should slide right up to the counter’s edge for apartments with kitchen islands. Round stools are ideal in these cases because these seats allow guests to move around comfortably without hindering their movements. For kitchens that don’t have enough room for extra seats, people can create a makeshift counter in the living room with a high pub table.

If you want to improve your small kitchen’s look, add some stools. Not only do these things increase the seating capacity, these also enhance your kitchen’s aesthetic value without overdoing it.