Sustainable Home Renovation Plans

Home Renovation in Perth Even if you have built a dream home, it will need remodeling or upgrading sooner or later. While selling and buying a new home is always an option, it can prove expensive. Hence it makes sense to renovate your existing home to update it to suit your needs. You can perk your home up, to accommodate your current lifestyle.

You can also strive to make your home an ecofriendly one. Sustainable housing in Perth by is very popular and preferred choice of homes today.

  • Reface and buy reclaimed materials

One way to make your home environmentally friendly is to reface your cabinets and other wooden work in your home instead of replacing them. You can repaint or replace the doors instead of changing the whole cabinets. You can also change the drawers if necessary to spruce the kitchen. You can use reclaimed wood as this is a good way to be ecofriendly. Such wood is great for flooring, walls and even counter tops. This will save you money, time and also energy that would be needed to produce similar products.

  • Don’t demolish but reconstruct

It is best to look around your home and try to reconstruct it with professional help. Even if it is very old and you have to tear down the walls, it is advisable to take a good look around. This will help you decide before hand, on what materials you can possibly salvage and re-use in your new home. You can probably reuse some of the tiles, bricks, cabinets, lighting, flooring etc.

  • Make it energy efficient

Make sure your whole home is energy efficient. Purchase high quality insulation to make sure that your home is protected well from all the elements. If you need to buy electrical appliances around the home then look for energy efficient modern appliances. Buy five energy star appliances such as dishwashers, ovens, refrigerators and other such appliances. You can also consider getting preowned appliances as it is a cost effective way to renovate your home.