Sympathy Arrangements: Popular Blooms and Their Meaning

Florist in KalamazooDuring times of grief, few things can ease the passing of a beloved. Allow your gift to clearly express your empathy to the bereaved in a compassionate and comforting way. The traditional and simple, yet expressive, language of these popular funeral flowers offers a way for you to convey your sentiments.

The Lily

Lilies are the flowers commonly related to funeral services since they represent the innocence and purity restored to a person’s soul upon passing. Specifically, the white stargazer lily signifies sympathy, while other white lilies mean purity and majesty.

The Orchid

All orchids convey “I will always love you”, so when sending orchids as a sympathy gift, it’s crucial to choose the right color. According to a florist in a Kalamazoo, MI flower shop, white and pink orchids, as well as specific orchid varieties including dendrobium and phalaenopsis, are ideal as sympathy gifts.

The Rose

Like orchids, the color of the rose can convey different things. Red roses mean courage, love, and respect. White ones evoke innocence, humility, youthfulness, and reverence. Yellow roses signify enduring ties to the departed, and roses in dark crimson evoke sorrow and grief. Pink roses represent gentility, appreciation, grace, and love. Including only one rose in a flower bouquet embodies everlasting love.

The Gladiolus

Gladiolus are normally included in fan sprays for more elegant and traditional funeral services. They symbolize moral integrity, sincerity, and strength. They come in pink, white, purple, red, orange, yellow, green, and salmon.

The Carnation

Carnations are an extremely popular option for floral sympathy bouquets. White carnations mean innocence and pure love; pink ones evoke remembrance, while red carnations represent admiration.

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Consider these flower choices when sending sympathy arrangements to show your empathy for the ones left behind. Sending flowers is a nice tribute to the deceased and a great reminder of your affection and support for the bereaved while they go through mourning.