Choosing an Apartment for Extended Stay

Apartment Rental

Apartment RentalGoing on an extended trip can both be fun and exhausting. Fun, because you will be in a new place, making new discoveries and experiences. On the other hand, staying in a strange place for an extended period can make you feel homesick, especially if you’re staying in a hotel or other similar accommodation. Without the comforts of a real house, it might get a little stiff and uncomfortable when at the end of the day, you simply want to let go of all the day’s stresses.

Choosing the right accommodation

Aside from hotels and bed-and-breakfasts, a good option for extended stays is renting an apartment. Not only will it provide you with the amenities of an actual home, they are also often located in more residential areas allowing you to also have a feel of the local community. In terms of expenses, renting for stays of about a month or so will also be much cheaper on your end as you won’t need to pay for room service and cleaning.

What should you consider

As with hotel hunting, the first thing you should consider is location, M&A Apartments states. Try to find one that would be near the places you plan to frequent to avoid additional costs in transportation. Even if you will be renting a car, you can save on gas costs by simply finding one that would be nearer to the places you will be going. Consider taking a more suburban location if having quiet and privacy are your top priorities — you’ll find them much cheaper, too.

What would you need? Do you want a bigger space for entertaining people? How many of you will be staying? Are you planning on bringing your pet? Think of all the things that you need and want and list them down. You might find it easier when apartment hunting with a ready list on hand.

Dorm, Hostel or Apartment? Choosing the Right One for You

choosing accommodations

choosing accommodationsGoing off to university? While there will certainly be plenty of exciting changes that will happen in your life, you still need to make a decision on where you will be staying for the next four years. To help you decide on the student accommodation which suit you best, here is the lowdown on your options.

University Halls or Dormitories

This type of accommodation is generally great for incoming freshmen. It’s very convenient in terms of distance and costs. As dormitories are often housed inside the campus, you can simply walk to your classes. It’s very cost-effective too, as cleaning and utilities are often included in the dorm fee.

Apart from these practical matters, university halls and dormitories are also a great way to meet people, who might turn out to be good friends later on. Also, RAs or resident assistants can guide and provide you with the support you need.

However, living with a lot of students cannot guarantee your privacy. Also, students often have no say on their roommates as they are randomly assigned.

Private accommodation

Renting a private accommodation is the best choice if you want to try independent living. You can choose a private hall — which is similar to a university hall or dormitory, except it’s owned by a private company — or an apartment. Private halls offer a little more privacy and most may allow you to choose flatmates. Also, you can choose a location that’s either closer to downtown or to the campus.

Hostels are less expensive accommodation options. They are also great if you are just starting your adventure in the capital and you want to meet new friends., student accommodation provider in London, says it’s best to consider hostels with CCTVs and lockable storage facilities.

On the other hand, if ultimate privacy is what you are after, renting an apartment is more suitable for you. There are no house rules — everything will be up to you. Of course, renting your own space will be more expensive, particularly if you decide not to have roommates. Also, you will have to worry about utilities, cleaning and transportation on top of your rent.

Renting an apartment is a better option if you prefer something private. While on-campus accommodations such as dormitories and hostels are best if you prefer something less expensive and if want a little more support.