Make Your Bathroom Safe For The Less Able

Luxury Bathroom

Luxury Bathroom

The bathroom poses a lot of potential dangers for the less able members of your family, such as young children, persons with disabilities, and the elderly. They could fall and slip, which can cause serious injuries. Fortunately, there are ways to avoid or minimize the risks.
When you purchase a bathtub, choose one with features that can help the elderly use the bathtub safely

Grab Bars

A lot of less able people fall when trying to get in or out of the shower or tub. You can install grab bars around the tub area that they can grasp for support. The bars must be sturdy and able to withstand significant pressure and weight. Bars are also ideal to place near the shower head so the user can hold on to one while washing or adjusting the temperature. There must also be bars near the toilet seat that will facilitate sitting down and getting up.

Raised Toilet Seat

Older people usually find it difficult to sit on the toilet. When you raise the toilet seat, it would be easier for seniors to sit down and stand up. Have a professional plumber elevate the seat by around 3 to 6 inches.

Tension Poles

An alternative to placing grab bars are tension poles that can be installed near the tub. Similar to a grab bar, a tension pole provides additional support for older people as they get in or out of the bathtub.

Roll-In Showers

If your family member is using a wheelchair, it would be doubly difficult to get into and out of the shower. A roll-in shower is designed specifically for people in wheelchairs. The shower is available in various sizes and styles. Just make sure it meets the standards set by the American Disabilities Association.
If you are living with an elderly loved one, it is a good idea to have your bathroom fitted with these various safety features. Doing this will significantly reduce the risk injuries and accidents in your home.

Bathrooms Safety: Features to Watch Out for When Purchasing a Walk-in Tub


BathroomEntering and exiting your bathtub are often the times when accidents happen. Walk-in bathtubs could be an easy fix to this issue. These specially developed bathtubs, which normally have handy doors, are staples in retirement communities and senior living facilities around the world.

If you are wary of your bathroom’s safety, tub professionals at Heavenly Walk In Tubs highly recommends that consider purchasing a walk-in tub. These tubs have varying safety features, but the following are almost always included:

  • The Wall Height – This varies between 37 and 47 inches. It’s effective in aiding individuals with mobility issues or those with balance issues since it reduces the risk of falling or crashing through your shower’s glass doors. Further, some people with limited mobility, such as seniors, may find the lever on some shower doors hard to operate.
  • Textured Flooring – This is an extremely helpful feature that must be included in the walk-in bathtub you’re going to purchase since it can effectively prevent slips and falls.
  • Built-in Shower Seat – The majority of these seats are similar to chair height and have textured seats to prevent slipping. The height is crucial since rising to and from the seat will be significantly easier than from typical bathtub floors.
  • Grab Bars – Ensure that your chosen bathtub has a minimum of two grab bars, and check if they’re right or left-handed. Some tubs only have one grab bar and some are optional so consider this when comparing walk in bathtub designs.
  • In-line Water Heater – This aids in keeping the water at a stable temperature when hydrotherapy jets are in use. However, this isn’t available on air jet tubs and soaker tubs.
  • Scald Protection Valve – This handy feature helps keep the water from becoming scalding hot to prevent accidental burns.

Make sure to keep these basic features in mind when looking at different models of walk-in tubs. You must also know that since they’re significantly larger than regular bathtubs, your water heater must be powerful enough to accommodate the tub’s requirements, or opt for one with a heater already built in. And remember, not all walk-in bathtubs are made equal, so research the maker, read reviews, and know exactly what you’re purchasing.