5 Things That Can Add Value to Your Bed and Breakfast

bed and breakfastA bed and breakfast proves to be one of the most exciting businesses that appeal to both young and old entrepreneurs. Aside from it requiring smaller investments than hotels, it provides you more flexibility as a business owner. However, with the increasing number of B&Bs opening, you need to think of value-adding ways to be a top choice for guests.

Offer some care package

When it comes to B&Bs, it’s really the little things that count. For a warm welcome, offer some care package to your guests. It could be refreshments, an assortment of soaps or massage oils, or simple merchandise with hand-written notes. It doesn’t have to be grand; just be thoughtful.

But one great addition is a walk-in tub that will benefit travelling seniors and individuals with mobility problems alike. Heavenly Walk In Tubs says this kind of bathtub will make it easier for the elderly and handicapped to freshen up and at the same time, relax in a good soak.

Dress it up for the holidays

Observe holidays and different occasions and decorate your place for some fun and excitement. You can even have a mini program for your guests or a themed breakfast or dinner party. Just don’t overdo it on Halloween!

Offer tours and services

Connect with local providers and suppliers so you can attend to the different needs of your guests. Services may include airport transfers and city tour. You can also ask shops to consign in your B&B, so guests don’t have to go out for some pastries or coffee.

Have a lovely bridal suite

Generate more revenues by styling one of your rooms for brides-to-be. Make it look sophisticated and picture-perfect. Make it dramatic with a canopy. This would definitely be a hit.

Keep experimenting

Guests will keep coming back if they know they are always in for a surprise. Restyle and personalize the rooms to make your guests’ stay more memorable.

Running a bed and breakfast doesn’t stop in launching it and making sure it is kept clean and well maintained. You need to be more creative for it to be a profitable business.

Why Do You Need a Breakfast Nook?


Breakfast in Fort WaynThe kitchen is one of the busiest areas in the home. Everyone loves to eat, and breakfast is often the favorite meal of the day. You can trace the fondness for breakfast back to the 1930s – an era that welcomed the rise of the bungalow with a built-in breakfast nook.

The bungalow began the trend of compact houses. Since this type of house has smaller spaces, home designers added a breakfast nook in the kitchen to entice buyers. From then on, breakfast nooks became a major part of the kitchen.

Little Bigger Space

A breakfast nook is not just an area where you can eat your breakfast; it’s extra space in a kitchen you can maximize for a lot of things. Having a breakfast nook is an advantage, since you can use this as a prepping or cooling area, especially when you’re preparing for a holiday or a party. Modern kitchens are usually small, and this added space enhances your kitchen’s functionality.

Cozy Space: More Family Time

Breakfast nooks encourage the family to sit closely and enjoy a meal together. In addition, breakfast nooks can bring out a relaxing vibe that can make people stay even after they finished their food. People can also sit and chat with the person cooking. This cozy space offers more opportunities for conversation that leads to more family time.

Higher House Value

The kitchen is a key factor that dictates the resale value of a house. When buyers can imagine themselves in your kitchen, they are more likely to buy your house. A charming and cozy breakfast nook can attract buyers and increase your house value. It is a significant reason kitchen remodeling in Fort Wayne and other residential cities in the country is popular.

Breakfast nooks don’t only give extra seating or space in the kitchen. They may be small, but they bring a number of benefits to homes that make them seem much bigger.