Building Barriers: Making Your Business Crime-Deterrent

steel metal doorsWhen it comes to your business, protecting your assets, people and customers is a top priority. After all, your bottom line greatly depends on all of them. As such, it’s vital that you do everything to maintain a high level of security in and around your place of business.

One way to achieve this goal is to set up a barrier to entry and exit points, such as the garage.

An added layer of security

In Utah, garage doors for commercial establishments play major roles in keeping the facilities secure against not just unauthorized access — which is already a safety threat in itself — but also pilferage of physical properties and possibly data theft.

Unauthorized access prevention is already a huge deterrent to all the other disastrous consequences that theft can bring to your organization. In other words, having this kind of barrier already significantly minimizes the risks of having your property — whether physical or intellectual — stolen.

Peace of mind for everyone

With a strong, sturdy, and standard-compliant garage door, you can rest knowing that it will take unscrupulous individuals a lot more time and effort to get into your property and wreak havoc on your business.

This peace of mind then allows you and your people to go about carrying out tasks and finding ways to improve operations. Your employees will also feel more secure and appreciative of you since they will understand that you’re also doing it for their sake as well.

Protecting your people against safety and security threats is the ethical thing to do, and at the same time, this protection will give them a reason to stay with you.

Finally, don’t forget that consumers nowadays prefer doing business with establishments that prioritize their customers’ safety and well-being. With a garage door serving this purpose, they will feel more at ease and more than happy to do business with you.

3 Ways to Make Your Business More People-Friendly and Accessible

Wheelchair Ramp

If you have a business establishment in Denver, there are many ways to make it more accessible and friendlier to customers, including pedestrians and people with disabilities. Consider these tips if you’re planning to make some upgrades soon.

1. Install a Wheelchair Ramp or Lift

Many businesses stay at the forefront of championing inclusivity. If you wish to join the movement, installing a wheelchair lift and ramp to accommodate people with disabilities is a good place to start. This is especially necessary if your establishment has more than one floor. If you have a food establishment, make sure that the floor space is free of any obstruction and that walkways are wide enough to allow wheelchairs to pass through.

2. Make Signs Readable

To prepare for the 2020 Olympics, Tokyo is upgrading some of its street signs to make sure foreigners can understand what it means. Going for universally understood signs can help you better communicate with your customers even without speaking. Moreover, making sure that your signs are easy to read, bright, and well-placed give better directions to people even from afar.

3. Dedicate Parking Space

Parked cars in front of your establishment can block the view and even your storefront. Instead, dedicate sufficient parking spaces behind your establishment and if you can, in the basement. This way, you don’t block passersby from checking your window displays.

4. Provide Free Wi-Fi

Many establishments pride themselves on not having Wi-Fi connections. But the reality is that people need to stay connected all the time and stores and cafes with Wi-Fi options are often well-embraced. And if you do offer Wi-Fi connection, make sure it’s reliable and fast. Otherwise, you risk a lot of frustration from your customers. Studies have also shown than free Wi-Fi boosts revenue, so there’s simply no reason to not jump on the bandwagon.

There are countless ways to make your commercial space more friendly and accessible to customers. But if you’re making some big changes soon, consider these suggestions.

Considering Investing in Commercial Real Estate? The Must Knows

Commercial Property Investment

Commercial Property InvestmentAny type of property investment, whether it is commercial, residential or agricultural, can be considered as a good investment. But if you are after a high return on investment and fast revenue, then an investment in commercial real estate is more financially rewarding. Residential properties also offer financial opportunities through rental or resale, but the revenue generated from these may come in slowly.

The commercial real estate might be the better choice as opposed to residential real estate. Commercial properties include retail, office, warehouses, industrial and apartment buildings. Before you take the plunge, however, it’s important that you understand the benefits that come with this type of investment.

1. Income potentialCommercial real estate investment yield high income in a shorter time. Its income potential is between 6 to 12 percent of the purchase price.

2. Loyal customers – Retail tenants that have found a good commercial location intend to maintain their profit performance by staying in the same location. This way, you are guaranteed of a loyal client that will bring profit to you.

3. Limited hours of operations – Commercial centres have fixed operating period, so you will have enough time to manage the business and enjoy your personal time.

4. Establish professional relationships – Commercial properties are usually owned and managed by corporations and they deal with business owners and corporations most of the time as well. Thus, it is good if you can establish a professional relationship with such companies.

5. Gain more objective price assessment – Since commercial tenants are business owners, you have a more objective assessment of how you are going to decide on rental fees and the succeeding increase based on their financial statement. Arrangements are easier to accomplish.

Of course, these are only among the advantages this kind of investment has to offer. Having all these in mind, it is easier to discern whether getting into a commercial real estate investment is something you can already handle and manage.

Prune-a-Tree 101: Essential Tips and Tricks for Amateurs


TreesYour trees may require pruning for different reasons — usually for aesthetic or safety purposes, or to maintain their health. There are many schools of thoughts and techniques available for you if you decide to prune your trees by yourself, but first, you should know the basics.

Basic Tree Pruning Tips for Healthy Trees

If your trees require crown thinning, you must keep their lateral branches spaced evenly as much as possible; this is especially true for younger trees. Prune tree branches running or crossing against each other, but be careful not to cut more than ¼ of the living crown in one go. If for some reason you require to prune more than ¼ of the living crown, tree pruning experts Beaver Tree Services recommend that you spread them out over a couple of years.

In the event that you need to prune your tree for clearance purposes, whether for your house or people walking by your tree, you can consider raising the crown by careful tree pruning. Ideally, you must maintain living branches at 2/3 of the minimum of the height of your tree, since if you prune too much close to the branches’ bottom section, your tree may be unable to grow a durable stem.

In addition, if you must really prune over half of a branch’s foliage, you can consider cutting off the entire branch. Only reduce living crowns when completely necessary; otherwise, lateral branches can be pruned if they are 1/3 of the stem’s diameter that requires removal.

DIY or Professional Tree Pruning?

Now that you’ve decided to prune your trees, you should now choose whether to go the DIY route or have professionals do the job for you. If you want to have a go at tree pruning, keep in mind the above guidelines for you and your trees’ safety.

On the other hand, if you trees are large and require pruning of bigger branches located in the crown’s upper section, you should consider hiring professionals offering tree pruning services in Perth. This will require climbing and use of heavy equipment like chain saws and even cherry pickers that can be better and safely performed by tree experts.

Remember, your safety is a top priority, so don’t compromise it just to save a couple of dollars. For better and safer tree pruning, hiring a pro is the way to go.