Draughty Homes and What You Can Do About It

Winter In BirminghamThe seasons in Birmingham are not as extreme as in other parts of Europe – each season roughly lasts three months long, with the winter months a little longer than the others. It is easy to start feeling the cold during this time. As you say goodbye to summer, you may begin noticing that your home seems draughty.

Cold draughts are common in Birmingham homes, both new and old alike. They may be more common in older homes that lack modern insulation and heating. Draughts are undesirable, as they result in colder, uncomfortable homes.

Frigid Windows

There are many reasons your home may have chilly draughts. One possible reason is the window. Generally, you will want a thicker, layered type of  double-glazed glass instead of single sheeting. According to Finesse Windows, a Birmingham-based window company; this double-glazing prevents heat from escaping out of your home.

When heat escapes through your window, the air right next to the frigid glass cools down considerably. This cooled wind may travel through your home, causing cold draughts. Properly insulating your windows with double-glazing prevents this from happening. The thin layer between the two layers prevents the air inside from cooling too much.

Gaps in Openings

The gaps in doors and other openings may allow cold air to seep through your home. If you notice draughts at a low level, such as around your knees or feet, it is likely coming from underneath a door. Investing in door seals helps keep draughts from entering your home. You can get draught stripping just about anywhere.

You can also add additional insulation by blocking the area with a long pillow.

The Floor

Floors can be particularly chilly, especially if they are made of wood. You may need to install floor insulation in the cooler areas of your home to prevent draughts. This is a cost-effective solution as you will be able to save on heating.

Do not suffer through a draughty room. You must identify the cause and figure out how to solve it.