Conserving Energy Through a Blown-in Attic Insulation

attic insulationAs adults, we all have staggering amounts of bills to pay regularly. We would do everything in our power to be able to save up and thus, being wise with our spending and house bills is our main priority. You know what could help lower your energy bills? Blow-in attic insulations.

There are certain tips that you should follow to make sure that the bills go down in a couple of weeks or months and today, we are going to discuss what those are.

But before that, insulations expert A+ Insulation suggests you make sure to hire a certified and licensed professional to install your blow-in blanket system in Kansas City.

Seal the Air Leaks

Having holes and cracks in your ceiling can cost you hundreds of bucks. In fact, it might have already cost you some in the past. Having open gaps can make your attic insulation work twice as hard as it should be, leaving you with a huge bill every month.

Make sure to ask your contractor to cover any hole or crack and seal it tightly.

Install Vents

The air from your insulation needs to move properly at the eaves to remove any remaining moisture during winter and heat during summer. Without the vents, you won’t be getting what you should be from your vents, and you’d only end up paying more than you should be.

Insulate the Access Doors

Ask your contractor to have the attic access doors sealed tightly. This will keep the blown-in insulation from falling through your attic hatch opening, which can be dangerous when not done properly.

This is exactly one of the reasons you should consider hiring a certified and licensed professional regarding home renovations, installations, and repairs.

Use a Blown-In Attic Insulation

Blown-in attic insulations are known to be more energy-efficient than regular  fiberglass insulation. Blown-in attic insulations have a “loose-fill” type of insulation, which usually performs 22 percent better than fiberglass. Blower machines are typically heavy though, so make sure to ask help from a professional.

You will see the cost-effective benefits of your new blown-in insulation after a few weeks or months.

3 Energy Saving Tips: Cutting Your Home Heating Bill

Home HeatingThe winter has already ended and yet, time flies so fast, you might not notice it’s the season again. This means thick clothing, heaters, and of course, a surge in your electric bill. Electricity costs can eat a large part of your monthly budget if you aren’t careful. This winter, using heating systems may double or triple your electric bill. Here are ways to cut your home heating bill:

Regular Maintenance of Your Furnace

During winter, you may need to turn the furnace on most of the time to keep the house warm and cozy. By the end of the season, you might get surprised on how much you need to pay for your electric bill. To reduce your heating bill, make sure your furnace is working well. Hiring a heating service in Indiana is important. Professionals can ensure that the furnace will not bog down during the winter season.

Wearing Warm Clothes Inside the House

You can save on your electric bill if you wear warm and comfortable clothes even when you’re inside the house. You will need to bring out those mittens, bonnets, and thick sweaters. Dress in layers, wear thick and comfortable socks and add a hat to stay warm. You can now reduce your thermostat to lessen your energy consumption.

Take Advantage of the Sun

The sun will warm you up and you can do this by allowing natural light to enter your house. Natural light and warmth will make you feel more comfortable. You can also enjoy lower energy usage because you don’t need to switch your lights on.

Winter is still a few months away, but it’s better to be ready and reduce your electric bill by then. These simple tips will help you save a hefty amount of money to spend for the holiday season.

What First Time Home Builders Need to Know

Two Builders Standing with a Blueprint

Two Builders Standing with a BlueprintAre you excited to start building your first home? Many people dream of being able to afford to build a house of their own but never get to fulfill it. Now that you are in the position to make that hope a reality, you want to make sure you will be doing it right. Here are three tips to make the process as smooth as possible.

Research diligently

Building a home requires a significant investment and eats up a lot of time and energy. It is best to enter this process with the proper information. Talk to your friends and family who have built their homes. Ask them about materials, contractors, costs, and other important factors. Create a checklist and make sure you tick all the boxes before you make any final decision.

Your list should include building contractors, designers, plumbers, electricians, and heating/air conditioning contractors. In Salt Lake City, you might consider including an architect and a landscape/interior designer if you have the budget for it.

Know what you want

While talking to friends and family could influence your decisions, you are the only one who needs to be ultimately pleased by the final product. Remember that when building your home, you are the captain of the ship. You should customize every corner and detail to fit your liking. It is best to go into the process knowing what you want, but still be open to professional advice and opinion.

Do not scrimp on your team

When building a house, you need to enlist the help of professionals. Be prepared to spend a considerable amount here to get quality results. Spend now and save in the future.

Aside from contractors, make sure that you hire HVAC service providers and plumbers who could install the fixtures you need.

One of the biggest considerations is the weather. If you are building your home in an area like Salt Lake City, a heating contractor is an absolute must hire.

Are you ready to start the process? Follow these tips and good luck!

Energy-wasters That Spike Your Electric Bill

Energy Bill Do you flinch every time you receive your electric bill? It’s about time to find the root of your anxiety. If you think your bill is excessively high, here are four possible causes.

You’re using outdated appliances

How old are the appliances you’re using in your home? If they are well past their prime, chances are they are sucking more power than they should. If your HVAC has seen better times, consult a heating and air personnel in Little Rock for reliable air conditioning installation services.

Your house is full of cracks and openings

You may be using up more electricity than you should if your house has unneeded gaps, cracks, and openings. This is because these openings allow heat to escape during winter; hence, you spend more power to keep the house warmer and comfortable. Seal these spaces, and you might save a lot of energy.

Failure to unplug unused electronics

Do you leave your electronics plugged in when not in use? That may well be the reason the numbers on your bill are not adding up. Most modern electronic gadgets suck electricity even when switched off, provided they are still plugged in. Remember to unplug them every time they are not in use.

You are careless about your lights

Your lights may be one of the leading energy sinks unless you are cautious. Are you still stuck on incandescent bulbs? Do you leave lights switched on in places they are not needed? Switching to LED lights and observing how you use them can make a difference.

Identifying what is causing your high electricity bills is the first step towards taking measures to rectify the problem. While it is a fact that the cost of power continues to increase as time goes on, the culprit behind your electricity woes usually stems from appliances and utilities. Check your home and your daily energy consumption, and find ways to improve your energy efficiency.

Warm Bath Before Bed for Better Sleep

Hot Water System

Hot Water SystemAfter a long day at work, don’t you just want to head over to the bed and fall asleep? Sometimes, you might even forget to change into comfortable clothes. There are times, however, that you just cannot fall asleep no matter what you do. You are done with all your nightly rituals but somehow, your body has forgotten how to sleep.

Sometimes, sleep will not come when you need it the most. You probably have to wake up early for a big event tomorrow morning at work. Thinking about lots of things before going to bed at night can really mess up your sleep pattern.

Here are some strategies to ease yourself into a nice sleep:

Take a warm shower

It may seem counterproductive because water can wake you up but taking a shower might help. Industry professional Fallon Solutions suggests installing a quality hot water system, so you can have a nice and warm shower. Warm water has a relaxing effect on your muscles especially when they are strained from working all day. They help loosen up your skin and take out all of the toxins clogged in your pores that you have accumulated all day. Getting into your sheets then becomes a comfortable feeling when you are feeling clean.

Get a warm glass of milk

It does not mean you are an adult that you no longer need milk. In reality, you actually need more source of calcium as you grow older. Milk has always been rich in this nutrient and you should not shy away from drinking a glass at night. Calcium allows the brain to release specific sleep-inducing substances called melatonin to help usher your body into sleep.

Lack of sleep can severely affect your mood and energy the next day. Try these sleep-inducing tips if you find yourself having trouble getting a snooze.

Conserving Your Resources: On Active and Passive Solar Heating

Solar Heating System in Salt Lake City

Solar Heating System in Salt Lake CityEveryone knows the sun is the ultimate source of energy on earth. Solar heating refers to ways the energy from the sun can be used for heating water or other substances. You can use either passive or active solar water heating, depending on your needs. Solar energy has become popular in the recent times because it is eco-friendly.

Active or passive solar heating basically refers to the special equipment used to harness solar energy. Here are some things to note about both methods:

  • Active solar heating

In active solar heating, you can use specialized equipment to capture maximum heat from the sun and transform it into energy. You can use this energy for different applications, such as insulating the home and heating water. Some use large panels or special converting devices to harness the energy from the sun.

  • Passive solar heating

In passive solar heating techniques, you do not have to use any specific equipment. The walls, trees, building, and windows are used or placed in a way that reflects or captures the sun’s rays. Some homeowners and builders prefer passive solar heating methods due to cost-effectiveness; ask any water heating installation expert in Salt Lake City about this. You only need good planning and simple techniques to use this type of heating method. In existing homes, simple conservation and remodeling techniques can be used.

  • The better option

Active method is a great option if you plan to use the solar energy to power your entire home. You can get attractive solar panels, which look like normal roof shingles. Nonetheless, the equipment can be pricey, even though it is a one-time investment. Passive heating, on the other hand, can be a wonderful way to save on energy resources. The windows, doors and the roof should be positioned in a way that sunlight and heat enter your home easily.

The use of solar energy is transforming the way people conserve their resources. This brings a new light to using heating systems.

Energy Saving Strategies for Your Water Heater

Water Heater Repairs in Sandy

Water Heater Repairs in SandyWater heating accounts for 12% of a household’s utility bill; this is after cooling and lighting. A lot of people cannot afford to buy a new water heater. However, the good news is that you can heat your water more efficiently and save up on bills. With low cost improvements and habit changes, you’ll significantly save up on energy. Here are some practical ways you can do that.

Tank’s thermostat

A lot of water heaters have their thermostats preset at 140 degrees. Turning your tank’s thermostat down by 10 degrees saves you 3%-5% on your utility bill. According to the Energy Department, lowering your thermostat to 120 degrees is enough for your daily needs.

Additionally, this temperature reduces mineral buildup in pipes and tanks. Some water heaters have two thermostats. If you’re not sure about this, it’s important to call in a heating technician in Sandy, says


A simple leak of one drip per second costs you up to $1 a month. This doesn’t seem like a lot, but if you’re getting over 60 drips a minute, this could add up to your monthly energy bill. To reduce this, have a heating expert check your water heater for any leaks and fix them accordingly.

Low-flow showerheads

Old showerheads and faucets use twice as much water as new ones. To cut your costs, you need to install faucets and showerheads with low flow rates. This is a small investment that guarantees you up to 60% savings on your energy bills.


Insulation can save you so much on your utility bills. Remember not to cover the thermostat or the water heaters bottom as this could interfere with the normal functioning of a water heater. Heat traps can save you $15-$30 on your monthly bills. Have a professional install this on your existing tank.

You can still save money, conserve energy and enjoy using hot water in your home. Keep these life hacks in mind and watch the significant improvements you’ll notice.