Important Safety Features to Look for in Expandable Baby Gates

Expandable Baby GatesIt is always difficult to beat the curiosity of growing toddlers. If you buy an adjustable baby gate, you would have control over how much your youngster explores. When shopping for a baby gate, it is important that you prioritize the safety features discussed below.

Height and Stability

Buying a baby gate that your toddler can climb over would be illogical. To avoid making such a mistake, choose your gate in respect to your youngster’s height. If you are shopping for a portable freestanding enclosure, it is important that it be stable enough. If your child is heavy, they can easily topple over the enclosure in their attempt to climb over it.

Straight Top Edges

Straight top edges guarantee the safety of your child because there would be no sharp edges that can injure them. If you prefer wooden gates, it is important to ensure that your choice one is splinter free. All edges should be rounded. If your gate comes with extensions, you ought to be sure that installing them would not pose a risk to your child.

Type of Mounting

If you would be installing your gate at the top of your stairs, you have to be careful regarding the mounting features that your gate should come with. Pressure-mounted gates simply adjust to the dimensions of the space they are fitted. Hardware-mounted gates are usually bolted to the walls or framing. While pressure-mounted gates would be easier to install and would not leave marks on your walls and frames, they would be risky for heavier and/or extremely active kids.

Slat Spacing

Slats can easily trap the heads, arms, and legs of kids. To avoid such incidences, choose among gates that have appropriate slat spacing. Ensure that latches are easy enough for you to release, but difficult for the kid. Testing all operating hardware before buying your gate is important.

Buying a baby gate would not improve the safety of your child if you do not use it right. To avoid unnecessary accidents, it is important to follow all installation instructions implicitly. It is also critical to choose among gates that are certified for safety.