3 Metal Garage Door Struggles That Professionals Help You With

White Garage Door

White Garage Door

Prefabricated and custom-made garage doors come in various colors and designs. Wood and fiberglass doors are some of the best in terms of looks. Metal doors are appealing too, though, and could cost less than their wood and fiberglass counterparts.

Having a metal garage door, however, means dealing with some struggles especially if it does not get the required maintenance work. Here are some metal garage door issues that commercial garage door repair companies such as pricesdoors.com can help you with.


Of the different types of garage doors, metal ones could have the noisiest operation. The noise has a lot to do with the vibrations from the metal garage door. The other metallic parts of the door pick up the vibrations which further intensify the noise. You may tighten the bolts and apply oil to the metal parts for the door to slide smoother, but a professional can help you if the remedy does not help reduce the noise.


If you currently have a metal garage door with dents, consult your local garage door professional for the best remedy. Does a simple repair fix it or do you need a new door? Does a steel door or an aluminum one match your garage needs better? Not only will they provide answers to these questions. They will also look for a suitable product for you.


As a homeowner owner, you have to contribute to garage door maintenance even if you do have a local repair company to take care of it. There are some cases, however, where corrosion is unavoidable. The garage door repair company will be able to identify if their services can tackle the rust issue or if a new garage door is a more economical for you.

Metal garage doors, although they could be noisy and prone to dents and rust, are a suitable option for many homeowners. Regular maintenance helps keep such problems at bay, but a reliable garage door repair company will help you deal with the worst.

Garage Doors: A Means to Protect Your House and Belongings

Garage Door in UtahToday, there are many cases of crimes across the globe – from robberies, fraud, and murders. Hence, it’s imperative to ensure the safety of your family by making sure the house is safe and secure.

In order to do this, you need to provide regular maintenance of all entry points in the house such as the main door and the garage door. The garage door is an essential part of the house because it protects your car and other important belongings in the house. Here’s why it’s important to ensure it’s working well by providing garage door regular maintenance.

Protects the Car and Your Family

As said earlier, having a regular maintenance of your garage door ensures that your car, house, belongings and of course, family members are all safe. When the security feature of the garage is not working well, it will make it easier for burglars to enter the house.

Promote Convenience

There are many benefits of having an automatic garage door. It opens and closes without you even going out of the car. This is convenient on your part. However, if the garage door is not regularly maintained, it could lead to times when it won’t open or close, wasting your time and effort. Instead of going in and out of the garage without hassle, you will have a problem when it bogs down on you.

Prevent Emergencies

One of the most important reasons to consider is to help prevent a maintenance emergency in the future. This is applicable to all the family members and even your car. This prevents the door from accidentally falling and you’d be left stranded. Regular maintenance and commercial garage door repair in Utah make sure there would be no problems in the future.

The garage door is an essential part of the house because of the many benefits it brings. However, it needs regular maintenance and servicing too. This will ensure the safety and security of you and your family.

3 Ways to Secure Your Business Premises

Secure Your Business Premises in Salt Lake CityOne highly important aspect of running a business is keeping your assets safe. This means you have to invest in the right resources to get the best ROI possible and scale at a comfortable pace. But of course, this also covers tangible assets – your business premises. More than anything, you would want to keep the home base of your company safe and secure.

So, how exactly do you do that? Here are three ways to bolster the security of your business premises:

Improve Lighting

Lighting is something not everyone pays attention to but should. It is crucial to make your area easily visible in the middle of the night. Now, this does not mean you should let all the lights stay on even when no one’s in the office. Rather, this is about ensuring that no one gets to enter (or break into) the premises unidentified.

Inspect Entry Ways

Do check the areas through which people enter your premises. This means a thorough inspection of every gate and door within your premises. Everything has to be in proper working order. Do repair what is necessary and replace any faulty lock or door.

This is even more important in the case of factories and warehouses, say Utah’s commercial garage door experts pricesdoors.com. Commercial doors are durable, but they do go through wear and tear. As such, it is important to check these on a regular basis.

Install Security Technology

Last but not the least, make full use of whatever technology is available. Decent security cameras are your first line of defense in preventing theft in your business. Focus on entry and exit points when installing these cameras. Alarm systems and motion sensors are also good choices.

Physical assets are what keeps your business able to provide services and produce goods. Take good care of these and ensure the premises in which you keep them are secure with these three suggestions.

Why Garage Door Replacement is Important for Commercial Properties

Garage Door

Garage DoorSome businesses cannot function without a reliable garage door. Business operations that run 24/7 and rely on a fleet of vehicles depend on door durability and efficiency to fulfill their obligations to customers.

Business owners become so used to the rhythm of daily routines that the question of whether the garage door needs to be replaced or not doesn’t enter their minds. It is a pertinent question, which deserves an answer.

To save money on utilities

Even if your garage door is in perfect working condition, its outdated mechanism may be costing you money. To boost profits, you must pay attention. Business owners often don’t take into account how garage door operations figure in their monthly expenses.

An old garage door system may be taking up too much power for heating or cooling, especially if it’s not as effective as it used to be in sealing the area. When you have poor insulation, you’d save more with replacement. In addition, a garage door that requires small repairs might already be way past its prime. You’re better off with a low maintenance system that doesn’t require constant professional attention.

The Salt Lake City company Price’s Doors also mentions new garage doors having safety features to prevent accidents. For continued business operations, and the safety of your employees and clients, an upgrade may be in order.

To make your brand stand out

The front exterior of any business helps build brand awareness. The garage that houses your fleet of vehicles is part of the image you project to potential customers. According to This Old House, the garage door can be a big part of a home’s front exterior.

The same goes for commercial properties, if the garage is visible from the streets. Consider having a customized design that clearly represents the company. To keep it simple, use company colors.

Remember, customers pay attention to brands that stand out. They ignore those that blend into the background or don’t offer them anything interesting.