Gutters & Blockages: 3 Tips for Clog Prevention

Man cleaning the gutter from leaves

Man cleaning the gutter from leavesWell-maintained gutters do a wonderful job in making sure that the rainwater or melted snow that hits your roof travels smoothly to the ground. A defective or a clogged gutter, on the other hand, can cause the water to flow right next to your house (or at the siding) and accumulate near its foundation. This can result in a number of problems like a flooded basement, expensive home repairs, and mold growth.

Fortunately, you can keep these things from happening by preventing gutter clogging beforehand. Rain gutter repair experts in Utah share a few things that can help:

Clean and Maintain Your Gutters

Clogging is unlikely if you clean and maintain your gutters regularly. Experts recommend cleaning them at least twice a year. If you have plenty of trees around your home, however, you need to inspect and clean them more often. You may not be afraid to get up on a ladder and do the cleaning on your own, but it’s advisable to hire trained professionals. This is also ideal if your gutters also need repairs.

Consider Leaf Guards

Gutter protection products like leaf guards can prevent clogging by allowing only water flow into the gutters. It can keep leaves and other debris away, as well as protect your home against mold growth and water damage. There are many leaf guards available in the market, so it’s a good idea to get an expert help both in choosing and installing the right one.

Here are the other benefits of leaf guards:

  • Lessen cleaning frequency
  • Protect again rusting and rotting
  • Prevent water overflow during the rainy season
  • Offer help in collecting cleaner rainwater (in barrels)

Trim Your Trees

Winds can blow leaves and other debris into your gutters and contribute to clogging. If there are trees close to your home, be sure to keep them trimmed back away from the roof. This is also beneficial in keeping your roof in good shape, as well as in eliminating other problems like falling branches and access for animals into your roof.

Avoid the consequences of a clogged gutter with these tips. It is also best to call repair experts in keeping not just your gutter in perfect condition, but also your roof and your house.