Dangers of Staying for Too Long in the Pool

Swimming poolPool experts such as Dolphin Pools & Spas encourage swimming for its numerous health and fitness benefits. It is also a refreshing activity to engage in during sunny days. Some may wonder if there’s any such thing as staying in the pool too long.

Disrupts body’s internal balance

The chlorine in swimming pool water kills harmful bacteria. However, some of this pool water makes its way through the nostrils, leading to impaired functioning of the lungs or asthma.

It gets worse for children and adults with pre-existing lung conditions. Their immunity is weaker, making them more prone to infections.

Taking regular breaks to rest and hide from the heat the sun helps the body regain its balance. During your break, you can drink some water, have a snack, apply some more sunscreen and go to the bathroom.

Increases chances of ear infection

When water makes its way inside the ear, it could carry with it bacteria that may cause an ear infection. If you suspect you have an ear infection, refrain from touching, scratching or picking your ears to get the water out. This could worsen the situation.

Instead, head to the physician and get a prescription for antibiotics. Alternatively, it is advisable to keep your ears dry as much as possible during swimming sessions by wiping gently with a towel during breaks.

Weakens hair

Staying in the pool for too long might cause weak and brittle hair. Prolonged exposure to chlorine will cause it to react with colored or chemically treated hair. Putting on a swimming cap or washing your hair with shampoo after your swimming session can help counter hair dryness.

Seeking a professional pool contractor ensures that your pool is built complete with comfortable and attractive resting areas. Here you can bask in the sun and enjoy swimming in the pool.

Working from Home: How You Can Minimise Distractions

Man working at homeFrom better work-life balance to avoiding traffic, working from home has a number of benefits. The only downside is the distractions, especially if you don’t have a proper working environment. A family member watching the television in the next room, for instance, can affect your ability to focus and accomplish cognitively demanding tasks.

The good news is you don’t have to let domestic disturbances hurt your productivity. With the right set-up and a few tips on handling unnecessary distractions, you can make work from home a profitable and successful endeavour.

Invest in a Separate Home Office

An ideal home office is the one that is efficiently detached from your house. This minimises distractions and lets you concentrate on the task at hand. Granny flats or backyard cabins make a great working space, as you can customise them depending on the type of work you have. It can be an artist’s studio or you can treat it like your second home with a small kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom.

Explain to Family What You’re Doing

When you’re working from home, explain to family members that you need privacy. Having a “Do Not Disturb” sign on the door is ideal, but it’s better to have a separate home office in a form of granny flat or backyard cabin. Note that some neighbours or relatives may still find it difficult to understand that it’s not okay for them to show up whenever they want to even though you’re at home.

Schedule Chores Efficiently

If you have household chores to attend to, your work productivity may suffer. Keep in mind, however, that you don’t have to accomplish all chores, especially during working hours. You need to reschedule or eliminate some tasks, so that you can meet your quota (if you have) or concentrate better on your work. Here are a few tips to consider:

  • Get up a few hours early to accomplish simple household tasks, like prepping dinner or breakfast.
  • Do your laundry once a week, or when you’ve finished all your tasks for the day.
  • If a household chore suddenly comes to mind while working, write it down. You can also list down small chores that you need to accomplish only after work.
  • If possible, rearrange or shorten your working hours to suit your chores and responsibilities better.

Work from home comes with perks, but there are also lots of challenges to deal with. A detached working space, establishing some boundaries, and scheduling tasks efficiently can help you work better.


Home Updates That Don’t Ruin Your Purse

A House Updating the look of your home doesn’t always require spending a fortune. Even if your budget is limited, you can still spruce up your abode and make it look like new. With a few tips and tricks, you can get moving and get the project started.

Update Curb Appeal

Don’t let a sagging wooden fence compromise your home’s curb appeal. Refresh its look with a new paint or a coat of oil stain. If the material is deteriorating, however, replace it with a DIY aluminum fence. Aluminum is a great material, as it doesn’t rust and requires little maintenance. It is also available in different designs and colors.

Make Things New and Clean

A fresh coat of paint has the power to make everything look new and clean. It’s great for walls, cabinets, and ceilings. You can give your own room a new vibe with bright and happy paint colors. You can also do the same for your home’s exterior, using two to three different shades of the same color. Simply be sure to prep the area by cleaning the siding and sanding the peeling paint.

Clean and Refresh the Carpet

A messy carpet ruins the look of a room or space. Hire professional cleaners to make the underfoot look and smell fresh. If you notice serious wear in the carpet, buy inexpensive area rugs to conceal the damage. If you, however, have hardwood floors, be sure to vacuum and keep it clean regularly. Waxing using the right floor wax also helps.

Purchase New Light Fixtures

Buying a new light fixture can easily update the look of your dining or living room. The good news is, many home improvements stores offer affordable and appealing ceiling light fixtures like chandeliers. Accent lighting can also make the space cozier and more inviting. Recessed lighting, in addition, works well with any decoration.

Connect Home Spaces

Make your home more open and welcoming by connecting living spaces or knocking down a wall in between. The job may require more time and effort, or a professional service, but it can change the home’s ambiance. Simply be sure not to break down a support wall. You can connect a living room with a backyard using sliding glass doors or windows.

These are just a few of the things you can do to update your home. Be sure to use quality home improvement products for quality results.

Main Considerations When Buying Interior Doors

Interior DoorInterior doors are worlds apart from their exterior brethren. They’re not exposed to harsh elements, which is why you can afford not to invest a lot in them as opposed to entry and patio doors. As they contribute nothing to your curb appeal, their design is relatively an afterthought. Although they’re seen as a minor architectural detail in the grand scheme, there are features you must still look for when choosing your interior doors. 

In a nutshell, here are some considerations to take into account:

Fire Resistance

By all means, you should put your money on fire-rated interior doors. Especially if you live in an area that deals with an oppressive climate most of the year, your interiors must be made with fixtures to resist the spread of fire.

Even if you have a smart system that can detect signs of the fire early, you must never be complacent about your home. Besides, you may get lower insurance premium with fire-resistant doors.

Energy Performance

Your exterior doors and windows may be more responsible in your home’s insulation, your interior fixtures can help control heat transfer from one room to another. Especially if you want to customize your indoor temperature in certain living spaces, pick the right material to minimize heat loss and gain.

In addition, investing in energy-efficient doors can boost your home’s overall value. According to reports, energy efficiency is one of the main factors homebuyers look for these days. In other words, you can recoup much of your investment with efficient interior doors.


Interior fixtures may not create a grand entrance to your home, but they nonetheless have to blend with your home design. Fortunately, most brands offer a wide variety of styles. From colors to patterns, flush to paneled designs, explore all product options to suit your function and aesthetic requirements.

Interior doors are generally secondary elements in a home design. Nevertheless, you should give them the attention they require and be critical with your choice.