Things That Require Additional Expert-Home Inspectors

Sewer Inspection in Salt Lake City

Sewer Inspection in Salt Lake CityA home may be aesthetically pleasing, but only a home inspection can ascertain whether it’s in top condition. However, a home inspector may not tell you everything you need to know about the house. The inspector may fail to notice or overlook certain critical things. Some inspectors may also not want to take liability for inspection issues outside their fields of expertise. Here are five areas that require additional inspection by expert inspectors.

1. Roof inspection

Many inspectors don’t physically access the roof to examine its condition. They just check the roof from higher-level windows or the ground level with binoculars. While such an assessment may catch issues such as torn or missing shingles, roof leaks will often slip through. Hire a licensed roof inspector to offer a comprehensive evaluation.

2. HVAC and chimney inspection

Technicians may not be too eager to test the air conditioning in cold weather or check the heat in extreme heat because of liability issues. For your peace of mind, hire a licensed specialist to assess the unit. It’s also important to hire a chimney specialist to check for instability or structural damage of the stack.

3. Sewer inspection

Most home inspectors in Salt Lake City can tell whether things are “flowing”. This is why it’s best to work with a sewer repair professional to ensure the integrity of the sewer line. The professional can use a sewer camera to discover cracks or breaks along the line.

4. Geological inspection

If your prospective home is on a hillside or cliff or in a flood zone, a geological review is necessary. Such an inspection can you save a lot of money in repair costs along the way.

5. Moisture and mold inspection

Property that is in wet regions or near oceans or lakes can benefit from a moisture and mold inspection. Make sure that your inspector checks all areas in the home before declaring the house mold-free.

Among other things, a home inspection can offer you peace of mind and save you money. Don’t be tempted to skip this important process. Make sure the inspector checks every square inch of the home. If need be, hire additional expert home inspectors to check specific areas of concern.

Why You Need Tree Trimming & Pruning

Tree Pruning

Tree PruningTree care involves proper pruning and trimming. Sometimes, tree removal is necessary if infected by fungus. Proper care and maintenance lengthens the life of your landscape tree and prevents further damage.


Whether you are pruning trees for corrective or preventive purposes, you have to understand why you are doing it. Here is a variety of reasons why you may need tree pruning and trimming:

– to remove dead or damaged branches.
– to improve form or tree structure.
– to reduce risk against storm damage and other potential dangers of falling limbs.
– to prevent disease-causing fungi from infecting other parts of your tree.
– to permit new growth.
– to increase light and air penetration.


Light pruning or trimming can be done any time, especially if there are diseased or dead limbs. Winter pruning is a common practise. But it is usually best to wait until late winter. Summer pruning, on the other hand, should be done soon after the seasonal growth is complete.


Some tree species such as maple, walnuts, and birches tend to “bleed”. For this reason, pruning and trimming them during the fall season is discouraged. It is when wound healing seems to be slower.


If you have a large tree and you want to remove its branches, it may be best to call an expert like Beaver Tree Services. Pruning large trees require use of equipment and you should leave this job to trained and experienced arborists. Do not compromise your safety by trying to do-it-yourself. Moreover, professional arborists can help you improve the natural beauty of your landscape trees.

Improper pruning or trimming may cause tree diseases like “oak wilt” to spread. But when done correctly, it will keep your trees in a healthy, safe, and attractive condition. Remember that pruning during the dormant season or late winter, reduces sap loss and subsequent stress to the tree. It also minimises the risk of fungus infection.

Quick Fixes to Common Appliances at Home

Home Appliances in Salt Lake City

Home Appliances in Salt Lake CityHome appliances are conveniences that every modern home should have. Whether it is in the performance of routine household chores or even entertaining your family for an evening of pure enjoyment, home appliances have been an essential part of the lives of modern man. Just imagine if you do not have a refrigerator, a television, or an air conditioning unit, life would simply be turned upside down.

It is for this reason that, as a homeowner, you also need to know how to troubleshoot your most common household appliances.

Check the Power Supply

One of the most common problems of all home appliances is that they won’t run or operate. As these run on electricity, troubleshooting should always start with an inspection of your electrical outlets. Make sure that there is electricity running through the outlet. You can plug in another electronic device to see whether it is working or not. If yes, then you have eliminated power supply as a possible culprit. Before troubleshooting the home appliance itself, make sure to unplug it from its wall outlet.

The Refrigerator is Not Cold

If your refrigerator seems to have a difficult time freezing or even maintaining a cold environment, your problems could be any of three issues. This can include a dirty condenser coil, a worn rubber gasket, and a faulty thermostat. You can always clean the condenser coil or replace the rubber gasket yourself. However, if the problem is with the thermostat, then you will definitely need comprehensive Viking appliance service in Salt Lake City.

The Oven Won’t Heat Up

A problematic glow igniter is often the culprit for a gas oven that will not heat up. Unfortunately, only a professional can fix this. If your oven is of the electric variety, however, a broken bake element might be the culprit. A broken selector switch or even the oven’s thermostat can also be a problem.

Gas Burners Won’t Flame Up

A stove top gas burner that sparks on ignition but fails to flame is an indication of clogged flame holes or even oil or food spills that have coated the spark plug. These problems can be remedied with cleaning.

Washing Machine Won’t Spin

If the motor coupler or the belt drive is broken, chances are your washing machine will simply refuse to spin. Or, it could be a faulty lid switch. For these problems, only a professional can fix them.

The important thing to remember when troubleshooting appliances is for you to disconnect them from their power source. You simply cannot risk electrocution while diagnosing the problem.

Make Plumbing Repair Projects Easier

Plumbing Repair in San Diego

Plumbing Repair in San DiegoRemember that preparation is always the key to a successful project. This goes the same way with any San Diego plumbing repair project. So before starting with the repairs, it is highly recommended to prepare all the necessary tools and equipment and ensure its proper usage. When it comes to plumbing projects, small leakages can result into major issues very quickly, according to an expert from Perry Plumbing. So be observant and mindful to the signs. Leaking faucets, rocking toilets, and dripping refrigerators could indicate issues that need immediate repairs. Below are some plumbing repair projects tips that you can use:

  • Fix loud sinks

Seal the space in between the stainless steel sink basins using expanding foam. Use high-quality foam to effectively eliminate vibrations and reduce the gong effect it creates. It is best to do this before installation but you can also do this to a sink already used and installed. Either way, allow the foam to harden then trim away the extra.

  • Repair chipped sinks

Apply epoxy filler onto the chipped sink. Mix first the epoxy to balance the enamel color and then apply it into the damaged area to fill up the hole.

  • Stop plumbing leaks

Turn off the main valve and open the faucets to drain the tubing with the leaky elbow. You can try drying the external part of the elbow and sand the leaking joint to effectively remove the surface corrosion. Apply soldering flux onto the joint and apply heat using a torch until the solder dissolves. Then add new solder until a glossy ring of solder appears around the joint. Wait five minutes to cool off the pipes, and then turn on the water valve back again.

Being a responsible homeowner, you should train yourself to spot and resolve small plumbing issues before these become major problems. Not only this will help you save a lot of money, but also, it will save you from all the stress and frustrations of going through an emergency plumbing dilemma. Remember though, it still pays to get a professional help for your plumbing issues.

Moving Out? Here’s a Reason You Should Hire a Professional Moving Company

Moving in

Moving inMoving can be an exciting time for some and d a completely hectic task for others.  With one required to pack, get a safe means of transport as well as unpack when you get to your new location, moving can lead to multiple losses and damages to your valuables if any of the above is done wrongly.

That is why hiring a moving and storage company, says industry professional, is your best solution. Not only do they help in packing, they also provide you with a storage facility as well as safe transport for all your valued possessions. The other benefits of outsourcing moving to the professionals include:

Saves time

When you finally decide to hire a professional mover, you can relax and focus on other important tasks as the movers come with their own packing boxes as well as labels. Additionally, they’ve been trained to efficiently pack fragile goods quicker, this saves you the time you could have spent looking for packing boxes or even packing your belongings. You no longer have to worry about transportation and can now focus on knowing your new home.

Reliable equipment

Borrowing a truck from your buddy may seem like a good option, but the vehicle may not come with the right equipment to move your stuff safely. Hiring a professional moving company comes with their ramps and dollies to lift and transport your belongings.

Storage facilities

A professional moving and storage company can provide you with safe storage facilities whether you are looking for a short-term option or even a lob term one.

Safety of your belongings

The safety of your belongings is of utmost importance to a moving company. Knowing that your personal belongings are insured give you the peace of mind that in the case of any loss or damage, you’ll be adequately compensated.

Hiring a professional moving company has a lot more benefits than the do-it-yourself approach. Not only do you save money, you also save some valuable time and energy.