Average Costs of a Kitchen Remodel Project in 2018

A home kitchen

A home kitchenYou could make plans and learn new trends for a great kitchen remodel project in your Salt Lake City home, but you will most likely think about cost more than anything. The cost might be the single most limiting element in a remodel.

Your plans will likely change based on what you can afford and what you want to prioritize in your kitchen. On the upside, you can focus on what you truly want, and you learn to be creative when you have a limited budget.

Small Kitchen Remodel

You can ballpark the cost of your remodel based on the size of your kitchen alone. Kitchens less than 200 square feet have average costs of $25,800 with a major remodel.

A major remodel involves a complete overhaul of the kitchen, including the cabinetry and appliances. A minor remodel project without changes to the former elements costs an average of $13,700.

Large Kitchen Remodel

With a kitchen of more than 200 square feet, you can look at costs at an average of $42,000 on a major remodel project. A minor one, on the other hand, will cost only an average of $22,000.

Of course, for more specific estimates, you have to factor in Utah material and labor costs, material choice, and quality, and more.

Plan Your Remodel Right

With the average costs based on kitchen size alone, however, you can already have a good idea of the costs of your kitchen remodel. Now, you can focus on planning your remodeling project and making the most out of your budget. You can even save on costs in ingenious ways.

Cost-Saving Tricks

For one, you can retain the same layout as your old kitchen. In this way, you can save on labor costs needed for relocating plumbing and electric and gas lines.

Secondly, you may consider opting for ready-to-assemble or stock cabinet models to save on customization. Finally, you can even do some of the remodeling work yourself.

A kitchen remodel will still considerably be expensive, but as long as you plan things right, you will be able to enjoy a substantial return on investment.

Never Forget These Do’s and Don’ts After a Fire in Your House

Fire in the Old House

Fire in the Old HouseUtah, as beautiful as it is, also has a reputation for being one of the most fire-prone states in the country. For this reason, most homeowners all over the Beehive State should make certain that their properties have adequate insurance, and more importantly, fire preventive devices and equipment.

However, accidents can still happen, so you have to prepare yourself, your loved ones, and your home in the event that a fire strikes and destroys your home.

Securing your home: Key to preventing further damages and losses

Once the authorities declare that they have successfully put out the fire, one of the most important steps you should take as a homeowner is to secure your home. You should protect it from any more damage or loss that weather, vandalism, or pilfers can bring to it.

Make sure that you cover and secure any access or entry point; lock all doors that connect to the inside of your home. This is especially true when you have to leave your home. And before you do, ensure that no valuables or expensive items remain in the house.

As soon as you are in a safe location, contact your insurance company to start the claims filing process.

Cautions and the don’ts after a fire

Even after the firefighters have already put out the fire, the havoc that it wreaked on your house leaves many dangers that you should risk facing alone.

While there are some things you need to take responsibility for, such as the aforementioned security and preventive measures, you should leave the repairs and replacements to a professional Salt Lake City provider of fire damage restoration services such as AAA Restoration.

This is extremely important, as the fire may have damaged electrical wiring as well as structural components such as roofs and floors.

The last thing you want to happen is more accidents arising that can endanger anyone, so leave such tasks in the hands of professionals.

What First Time Home Builders Need to Know

Two Builders Standing with a Blueprint

Two Builders Standing with a BlueprintAre you excited to start building your first home? Many people dream of being able to afford to build a house of their own but never get to fulfill it. Now that you are in the position to make that hope a reality, you want to make sure you will be doing it right. Here are three tips to make the process as smooth as possible.

Research diligently

Building a home requires a significant investment and eats up a lot of time and energy. It is best to enter this process with the proper information. Talk to your friends and family who have built their homes. Ask them about materials, contractors, costs, and other important factors. Create a checklist and make sure you tick all the boxes before you make any final decision.

Your list should include building contractors, designers, plumbers, electricians, and heating/air conditioning contractors. In Salt Lake City, you might consider including an architect and a landscape/interior designer if you have the budget for it.

Know what you want

While talking to friends and family could influence your decisions, you are the only one who needs to be ultimately pleased by the final product. Remember that when building your home, you are the captain of the ship. You should customize every corner and detail to fit your liking. It is best to go into the process knowing what you want, but still be open to professional advice and opinion.

Do not scrimp on your team

When building a house, you need to enlist the help of professionals. Be prepared to spend a considerable amount here to get quality results. Spend now and save in the future.

Aside from contractors, make sure that you hire HVAC service providers and plumbers who could install the fixtures you need.

One of the biggest considerations is the weather. If you are building your home in an area like Salt Lake City, a heating contractor is an absolute must hire.

Are you ready to start the process? Follow these tips and good luck!

The Big Q: Should You Sell Your Inherited Property?

For Sale Property in St. LouisInheriting a house often brings a mixture of emotions: sadness, because a loved one passed away, and happiness, due to the numerous possibilities the inheritance can bring. In many cases, a lot of people face the hurdle of not knowing what to do with the property they received, with many of them feeling it’s wrong to sell something a loved one gave to them.

However, there are certain situations that calls for selling inherited property in St. Louis. For instance, you rather move on than keep wallowing in sadness whenever you see the house, or it simply does not fit your needs and preferences. Whatever your reason may be, know that reliable real estate companies can help you get your inheritance turned into cash quickly.

Selling an inheritance as fast and as painless as possible

There are so many laws surrounding inheritance properties in Missouri, which means that you can end up making mistakes that will lead to you spending more than the value of your inherited property. Add to that the emotional toll of getting rid of your dead loved one’s personal items, belongings, furniture, and other possessions, and you will really have difficulties selling it on your own.

This is the primary reason you should call upon the services of real estate investors that specialize in such situations.

Your Options

You basically have three options when it comes to dealing with the property you now own. You can sell it, use it as a second or vacation home, or have it rented. However, when you do not have any use for a second home, or you simply do not want to be bothered with keeping up with maintenance regulations as a landlord, then you should just sell it off to an investor.

All in all, with the help of a real estate investment company, you can make the right choice as to what you should do with your inheritance.

3 Benefits of Hiring a Real Estate Agent When Buying a House

Real Estate Agent in Plano

Real Estate Agent in PlanoBuying a house, especially if it’s your first time, is not as easy as it looks. There are a lot of steps, processes, and decisions involved that you may not realize. That’s why it’s important to find a reliable real estate agent you can trust to help you throughout the home buying process. This way, you can prevent making major mistakes you’ll end up regretting after the purchase. Here are some advantages of working with a real estate agent.

They Have Education and Experience

Education and experience are two things that make real estate agents great help when it comes to buying a home. They already know the ins and outs, so you can ask them any question to avoid getting confused and help you make the right call every time. Hiring a pro will definitely make the process easier, from finding possible properties that fit your budget and preferences to finalizing all the paperwork.

They Have Connections

Because of their years of experience in the industry of home buying and selling, real estate agents usually have the connections to help you get the best loan rates and find the best homes for sale in Plano, TX, built by starsidebuilders.com. They can even get exclusive and advanced access to properties that aren’t in the market yet. Because you are a client, they will definitely use their connections to help you get the best home for your needs.

They Have Negotiation Skills

The process of negotiating a final price with the seller is crucial because you can save thousands of dollars if you know how to do it right. With their expertise in the real estate market and what price various properties deserve, real estate agents can definitely help you negotiate well. Agents know how to put you in the best light for sellers to agree on the price you want for the property.

These are just three things a real estate agent can provide once you hire one when buying a home. Their assistance will be of great help throughout the process.

The Homeowners’ Perks of Having Their Own Swimming Pools

Fibreglass Swimming Pool in Perth

Fibreglass Swimming Pool in PerthThe thought of having pool parties or learning how to swim in your own private pool is a dream for many homeowners. However, the benefits of owning a pool go beyond those memory-building moments. Here are a few more of those perks.

A Value-Adding FeatureFibreglass swimming pools are making waves in Perth and installing one in your backyard can raise the value of your home while adding to its aesthetics. And even if you aren’t planning to sell anytime soon, your family will be maximising the benefits of your swimming pool for years to come.

Stay-At-Home Holidays – These “Staycations” are very popular these days simply because you avoid the hassles of travelling to some far off place, packing and possibly losing your luggage, paying for board and lodging, transportation and travel tax, so on and so forth. Just set up a barbeque in the backyard and enjoy the pool.

Stress and Tension Reliever – Looking at greenery, the calm seas or the clear skies does can do wonders to one’s emotions. Having all of that in your backyard plus the opportunity to dip into the cool waters to ease the pressures of the day without having to travel far or pay a fee can be a heavenly relief to many. Try floating on your back and just let the stress ooze out of you as you enjoy your pool and the clear sky.

Sanitation and Cleanliness – Despite having disinfectants, the number of people who take a dip in private and public pools and the state of their own personal sanitation can affect any pool’s sanitary levels. Having a pool all to yourself or just your own friends and family is a fantastic idea!

These four advantages are just the tip of the iceberg. The good news is that, unlike before, building a swimming pool in your backyard is more affordable and takes a shorter time to install too. Ask pool builders about fibreglass swimming pools and you may soon have your own pool at a price and date that would surprise you.

Potential Issues When Your Property Becomes a Pokémon Go Hotspot

Playing Pokemon GoManagement rights are all the rage in Gold Coast at the moment. Its fantastic climate, relaxed beach culture and breathtaking attractions make it an ideal place to combine the dream lifestyle and a rewarding investment. Resort Brokers Australia says management rights are the ultimate home-based business.

But there’s one problem facing those working in the property caretaking industry in Gold Coast: Pokémon Go. It’s all over the news recently, with stories of people walking into the path of cars or being lured into secluded places and then assaulted. These are extreme examples.

On a typical day, however, a property owner or caretaker is swamped with strangers entering their property when playing Pokémon Go. If your property is a hotspot, pay closer attention to these issues:


Players capture a Pokémon character using their smartphone’s camera. This can be a potential violation of privacy if it’s taken on a private property without permission. If the background includes an unsuspecting bystander and the player posts the image on social media, the bystander can claim breach of privacy.


If you’re in a hotspot, an influx of visitors is likely to make an appearance on your private property. This may be considered trespassing. To prevent this, post a sign stating ‘Private Property: Enter at Your Own Risk’. It’s important to clarify where your property starts and where public property ends.


Players look at their smartphones when trying to capture characters. This can be dangerous in a building, on a driveway and in communal areas like gyms. If one of these players trips or injures themselves on your property, you may be facing a negligence claim.

If your property is in a hotspot, it’s useful to check for possible hazards, and take action to curtail the risks. Post warning signs, add lighting and remove the hazard for your own protection.

If you’re worried now, the best move is to get advice from a lawyer. It’s better to prepare for the worst case scenario than have a Pokémon Go player walk in with a potential lawsuit. 

Japanese Real Estate: 3 Misguided Myths You Should Bury in the Ground

Properties in Tokyo

Buy Properties in TokyoJapan has always been a desirable destination to live, work or play of millions of people the world over. But one knows that gaining a foothold in the Japanese real estate market is no easy feat. Especially if you plan to buy a property in or near Tokyo, then the price further becomes more insane.

While some statements hold true in a way, most assumptions of an outsider toward the real estate market in the Land of the Rising Sun are often terribly wrong.

Until you consult a full-service real estate company specialising in the Japanese market to help you clarify your own misconceptions, getting these erroneous beliefs out of the way is a great start:

Properties Only Last for 30 Years

This isn’t entirely true. The life expectancy of Tokyo properties and other buildings in the country is only around 30 years because they’re being demolished for redevelopment. But without any intervention, an average house or condominium complex should live longer with regular maintenance and timely repairs.

In addition, modern concrete products now allow properties to last up to a century, not to mention the earthquake-resistant designs they use in many construction projects.

The Second-Hand Property Market is Non-Existent

This couldn’t be more wrong. On the contrary, the market is quite strong. According to a report on real estate movements in the Tokyo Metro, pre-loved properties beat newly built houses in sales in 2009. In 2013, the sales of new properties are only slightly higher than the numbers tallied by second-hand houses and used apartments.

No Financing is Available for Non-PR Foreigners

That might be harder in the past, but not today. A few local banks are becoming keener to extending credit to foreigners with no permanent residency status. And in case you can’t find a less conservative Japanese bank for a mortgage, many foreign banks, particularly The National Australia Bank, provide loans to non-PR residents in Japan.

Much like in other countries, there’s so much to learn about the Japanese real estate market. And since it’s a serious purchase, make sure you find the right partner that can help you realise your dream of living or investing in Japan.

3 Pleasures of Being a Single-Family Home Owner

Single-Family Homes

Single-Family HomesOne of the simplest ways to realize your American Dream of home ownership is to build a single-family house. Other properties on the market are attractive to some extent, but none could really match what a detached dwelling brings to the table.

Whether you’re looking for experienced homebuilders or shopping around other hot real estate markets for affordable “finished products”, you should more than consider a single-family house for these sensible reasons:

Two Words: Own Yard

As Hamlet Homes notes, nothing trumps the beauty of having your own yard. Unlike condos, townhouses, or even multi-family dwellings, having a detached property essentially gives you the privilege of being the sole owner and user of your turf.

Sharing is caring, but communal areas don’t always support the kind of lifestyle you wish to have. Landscape it with beautiful blooms, hold barbeque parties or teach your child how to throw a ball — do whatever you want because your yard is all yours.

Flexibility on Additions

Single-family detached dwellings are generally larger than townhouses and condo units. This alone would give you more freedom to explore different design possibilities for your abode.

Be it going up or down, or extending your house for more living spaces or functional rooms, any home improvement project can be done with this type of property.

Financing Made Easier

If you want to secure a mortgage with minimal fuss, a single-family house is the best choice. Creditors are typically less conservative when it comes to this type of real estate property. Most, if not all, lenders consider single-family homes less risky because they tend to appreciate more than condominiums.

In addition, mortgage providers employ laxer lending requirements if you wish to own a single-family dwelling than a unit located in a complex building.

All types of properties have pros and cons, but you can’t deny the obvious advantages of choosing a detached house. If you have reservations toward picking it, speak with an experienced builder to get your concerns clarified.

3 Interest-Only Mortgage Positives You Think Are Negatives

Home Loan in Armstrong Creek

Home Loan in Armstrong CreekMany mortgage borrowers in Victoria consider interest-only home loans as a great alternative to conventional loans. Who doesn’t? It’s basically paying the interest for a set number of years and lower repayments over a certain period.

This is why buyers of houses for sale in Armstrong Creek, Grovedale and other emerging Geelong suburbs find that it’s one of the best deals when looking for mortgages. However, an interest-only mortgage is mostly designed for real estate investors. In many cases, a typical homebuyer with a tight budget, or a borrower that prefers to use the disposable cash elsewhere, would suffer costly consequences when this type of home loan is misused.

If you’ve become lured towards the marketed boons of interest-only mortgages, think twice to see if these benefits really make sense to your financial situation:

Small Repayments Make the Mortgage Affordable

It truly feels your hundred thousands’ worth of property becomes easier on the budget if your repayments don’t include the principal. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean your mortgage is more affordable. As a matter of fact, it becomes costlier.

If you do the math, your principal would remain untouched until the interest-only period is over. From another perspective, you’re not really making any progress on your mortgage until that period ends. If you decide to finish repaying your loan, all of your interest-only repayments are considered extra payments that really did nothing to lower your loan amount.

Low Minimum Payments Lead to a Loose Budget

Unless the money you gain from investing your spare cash beats your interest-only payments, doing anything that would compromise the progress of your mortgage repayment is usually not worthwhile. More often than not, you’d just incur more debt over time.

Tax Deductibles Help You Save Money

An interest-only mortgage allows real estate investors to maximise their tax deductibles. You could enjoy that very benefit too, except you’re going to live on that property for a long time. Investors don’t mind seeing the principal to increase because home appreciation could still make profit in the end. On the other hand, you’d have to pay for the untouched principal and its interest out of your pocket at some point.

Much like other types of mortgages, an interest-only home loan is designed to serve a particular need. Even if it seems to fit your financial situation at first, do your due diligence to see its potential drawbacks.