Siding Repair or Replacement? Know the Signs

Siding of a houseA siding does much more than improving your home’s value. For instance, it keeps away pests, lowers your energy bill, and protects the frame of your house against destructive weather elements.

But your Utah home’s siding can wear out, break, and crack. If it is continuously ignored, it will start leaking, and at this point, it is impossible to prevent extensive and costly repairs. In some cases, it may require the replacement of the entire siding. But there are particular signs that a homeowner should notice to establish whether their siding has an issue.

Seams and caulk

For siding to be effective and long-lasting, it should be caulked at all joints and vertical seams. Prolonged wear and tear can make the caulk crack, shrink and eventually wear off. In that case, if the boards look uneven and the seams have shifted, then the siding system will not function well. As such, if correctly caulked, your siding should be seamless.

Aging and deterioration

Various types of siding age differently depending on the type of materials that they are made from, and how they are maintained. For instance, wood will warp and rot while vinyl weathers from sun exposure. The general signs in almost all types of siding include the appearance of uneven spots, waviness, and warping.

Visible or missing nails

Are the nail heads on the siding rusty, exposed or missing? If the nails are exposed on the surface, it means that your siding has been expanding and contracting, or it has moved from its original place. Rusty nails, on the other hand, are an indication of moisture or water could be streaking down the siding. Lastly, if there are no nails left, your siding can be blown away by the next big storm or strong wind.

Once in a while, it is advisable to inspect your siding for the above issues. A digital camera or binoculars can come in handy to identify the problems. At this point, you can determine whether your siding requires repair or complete replacement.

3 Ways to Save on Home Appliance Repairs

a woman shaking hands with a repair manWith so many appliances in your home, repair costs can easily pile up. So apart from making sure that they are used for their intended purpose, you need to be well versed in the ways you can save significantly on appliance repairs.

Do not skip the preventative maintenance.

One sure way of incurring expensive and recurring repair costs is by avoiding the preventative maintenance. Almost all appliances you have in your home will require preventative maintenance at one point or another. For example, your HVAC system’s filters need some changing at least three times in a year. One way of knowing when this should be done is by checking the user manual. Also, a reputable appliance repair technician in Salt Lake City or any other state can advise you on this.

Hire certified technicians.

Some of the repair issues can be minor and hence can be easily fixed by DIY appliance repairs. However, a wise DIYer knows his or her limit and will not hesitate to call a professional if necessary. The technicians you hire should not only have a good reputation, but they should also be certified and qualified to handle your kind of appliance. One benefit of hiring such a technician is that their services come with a warrant, which means you can save on future repairs.

Buy wisely.​

First, there is the buying before it comes to repairs. Make sure that you buy your appliances from reputable dealers. This will ensure that the service warranty given is not only valid, but it runs for the required amount of time. Also, you can talk to experts on the best brands to buy for a particular appliance. This will ensure that the spares are cheap and readily available which will go a long way in reducing your repair costs.

Appliances make your life easy and cozy, so you need to keep them running as efficiently as possible. However, as much as repairs are inevitable at some point, the above tips will ensure that you do not have to break the bank just to keep them running.

Last-Minute Utility Checks: Safeguard Your House Before Leaving For Summer

A man checking refrigerator and other electronics at the kitchenThe summer brings with it a warmer climate, the excitement of kids, and the prospect of getting away from it all for even just a weekend. But a reminder: secure your utilities first before driving off to your summer destination. This will save you a lot of work and expenses when you return home.

Maintenance Checks

While you’re away, things may happen that could hit your utilities. A sudden downpour; a blackout followed by an electrical surge; rowdy children finding their way into your yard; and squirrels and birds making a mess of your gutter – any of these may result in ripped wires, rusting tanks or clogged pipes.

Preventive Measures

Checking things out in the days before your vacation will alert you to problems that may occur in your absence. You can even pre-empt an issue if time permits. Examples of preventive measures, which A-Plus Plumbing, Heating & Cooling says is the best way to save on bills and avoid costly emergency service calls, are as follows:

  • sweep debris off your roof
  • cut tree branches extending to your house
  • reinforce potential pipe leaks
  • make sure the sump pump works
  • switch off the main fuse, heat pump, and main water line
  • switch on the fire alarm

Doing these will keep your house safe from unprecedented utility problems like basement flooding or carbon monoxide leaks.

If summers in your city can get extremely hot, however, you may want to keep the thermostat at 78OF (this kicks the AC into gear only when the temperature rises to 88OF). This prevents your house from turning into an oven, ensures air circulation which prevents condensation and allows you to save 2-3% on your electricity bill.

Being at home allows us to keep a watchful eye over the heating, plumbing, air conditioning, and the structural integrity of our house. Unless you can find someone to watch over your place while you’re gone, these utility checks and measures will be necessary.

How Well Prepared are You for Roofing Emergencies?

Roofer repairing a house roofNo one expects emergencies; even roofing emergencies. They all happen unpredictably. And, while it is almost impossible to prevent some of the causes, you can prevent further damage or, at least, prepare for the next roofing emergency by taking the following steps.

Schedule for regular roof maintenance

You do not have to wait until you have a case of urgency at hand to tackle the needed repairs. Identify a reliable roofing contractor in Tauranga such as Kiwispout NZ LTD to inspect the condition of your roof on a regular basis.

They will deal with (and correct) issues, such as damaged shingles, loose ridge caps and poorly installed metal panels. The more you keep putting off fixing these problems, the more the chances of roof leaks will keep escalating.

Confirm whether your homeowner’s insurance covers such emergencies

It is necessary to ascertain the events of deterioration and resultant damage that your insurance covers, whether it includes repairs or replacement irrespective of your roof’s age. It is advisable you also familiarise yourself with insurers’ claim process in Tauranga early in time before such emergencies occur.

Note and mark off your utility shut-offs

How well you muster the location of electricity, gas and water shut-offs in your home will determine how quickly you can turn them off during roofing emergencies to minimise risks of electrical fires, gas leaks and floods.

The most stressful part of handling roofing emergencies is not in figuring out why your roof failed you, but in trying to find a reliable roofer in the midst of the crisis.

Find a reliable contractor

It is imperative that you start searching for a well established and licensed contractor immediately after you have completed the acquisition process with your realtor or building your home.

Assess the contractor’s reliability, reputation and degree of responsiveness to emergencies by checking reviews online, enquiring from previous customers and verifying that they have the right certifications.

Once you find a reputable roofing contractor, they will help learn further, how well you can prepare to make your roofing emergencies less stressful.

Make Plumbing Repair Projects Easier

Plumbing Repair in San Diego

Plumbing Repair in San DiegoRemember that preparation is always the key to a successful project. This goes the same way with any San Diego plumbing repair project. So before starting with the repairs, it is highly recommended to prepare all the necessary tools and equipment and ensure its proper usage. When it comes to plumbing projects, small leakages can result into major issues very quickly, according to an expert from Perry Plumbing. So be observant and mindful to the signs. Leaking faucets, rocking toilets, and dripping refrigerators could indicate issues that need immediate repairs. Below are some plumbing repair projects tips that you can use:

  • Fix loud sinks

Seal the space in between the stainless steel sink basins using expanding foam. Use high-quality foam to effectively eliminate vibrations and reduce the gong effect it creates. It is best to do this before installation but you can also do this to a sink already used and installed. Either way, allow the foam to harden then trim away the extra.

  • Repair chipped sinks

Apply epoxy filler onto the chipped sink. Mix first the epoxy to balance the enamel color and then apply it into the damaged area to fill up the hole.

  • Stop plumbing leaks

Turn off the main valve and open the faucets to drain the tubing with the leaky elbow. You can try drying the external part of the elbow and sand the leaking joint to effectively remove the surface corrosion. Apply soldering flux onto the joint and apply heat using a torch until the solder dissolves. Then add new solder until a glossy ring of solder appears around the joint. Wait five minutes to cool off the pipes, and then turn on the water valve back again.

Being a responsible homeowner, you should train yourself to spot and resolve small plumbing issues before these become major problems. Not only this will help you save a lot of money, but also, it will save you from all the stress and frustrations of going through an emergency plumbing dilemma. Remember though, it still pays to get a professional help for your plumbing issues.

Why You Should Not “DIY” Appliance Repairs

ApplianceWith a wealth of life hacks and instructional videos online, it’s easy to call one’s self a “subject expert” these days. It’s not difficult to see why this is becoming a culture. It’s fun. It gives you an opportunity to learn new things. And most importantly, it helps you avoid expenses, especially when it comes to repairs.

When it comes to DIY projects, appliance repairs should be an exception. There are plenty of reasons you should not attempt to fix faulty appliances on your own:

It’s Dangerous

Household appliances work because of its intricate electrical system. And if you try to figure out things yourself even if you don’t have the background knowledge, chances are you’ll end up hurting yourself. One wrong move can electrocute or wound you. Even if you have successfully managed to do things, you run the risk of hurting someone in the process.

You May Void the Warranty

Appliances consist of small parts, and you may not be familiar with some of them. If you have no background knowledge on these items, you may end up installing the wrong parts. This in turn translates into more expenses.

If the appliance is relatively new, doing the repair by yourself may nullify its warranty. This is especially true if an irreparable damage is rendered on the equipment.

What You Should Do

The best that you can do to is to call a real and reliable repairman. If your TV has some problems, call a TV technician. If your furnace is broken, call a furnace repair company, such as

DIY projects aren’t bad at all. But there are times when you need to enlist the aid of a professional to do the job for you. That way, you prevent yourself from rendering further damage on the equipment or hurting people around you. You will also get to save a lot of money.