The Three Essential Ws of A Sustainable Dream Houses’ Roof Garden


Gardening in Australia Buying your own land to build your home from scratch allows you to add certain environmental upgrades to your dream house. Roof gardening can be an interesting way for someone to be able to take care of plants without having to worry about lot or yard space. However, there are three major Ws to consider for your new house to accommodate a roof garden.


Unlike a large yard where you can even plant trees, you would have to consider how many and how heavy the plants your roof can hold. To avoid your roof suddenly collapsing, limit your choices to smaller, lighter plants. Or do consider thoroughly reinforcing your roof just to be sure. Do speak with local Taylors Hill land for sale builders and designers for suggestions that won’t sacrifice your home’s aesthetic value.


The wind is naturally stronger as you climb higher. Consider planting vegetation that stays low on the ground. Putting up very low high-tensile fences that can break the wind’s force but not block the flow of air, water and sunlight is a good option. You can also choose to find land for sale that have natural wind breakers, such as surrounding trees and cliffs as a possible place to put up your house.


You would need to pay more attention to the amount of water you use on your roof garden compared to one planted on your lawn. Constant exposure to wind and sun can dry out the soil faster than if the garden was on land. Getting the water up there without a proper system can make irrigating your plants a difficult task. Try installing rain water catching systems for watering your plants and a proper irrigation setup too when finalizing your roof’s design.

Consider all your efforts well-spent when you have already harvested the literal ‘fruits of your labour’ from your roof garden. Your crops will serve as a reminder of your garden’s value to your family and the ecosystem. Eat up and enjoy one the great reasons you should be proud of your new dream house.