That Rustic Charm is Here to Stay: Ways to Clean Sliding Barn Doors

Sliding Barn Door

Sliding Barn DoorSliding barn doors greatly enhance the interior décor of your home. The rustic charm it provides can make any room look fresh.

Like any other part of your home, it is important that you clean your barn door on a regular basis. When cleaned regularly, a customized interior sliding barn door will last for many years.

Here are effective steps in cleaning your sliding barn doors:

Sanitize the Doors

Use soapy water to remove the accumulated dirt on the door. Apply soap to a clean rag and gently wipe the entire surface of the door. When cleaning the door, start from the bottom and slowly wipe the door upwards. Clean the grooves and ledges on the surface of the door. Use a dry rag and wipe the door gently.

Do not forget to clean the door handles as well. Using a rag and a disinfectant, disinfect the door handle and let the solution sit for a few minutes to kill the bacteria. Gently wipe off any excess solution.

Polish to Make Them Shine

Avoid using any silicone-based polish. Although silicone may make a door shiny, it sucks the moisture in the wood making it brittle and dry. Instead, apply white or cider vinegar on a clean cloth and gently wipe the surface of the door. This will keep the surface nice and shiny. It will also preserve the moisture of the wood.

Hide the Scratches

After cleaning and polishing, inspect the door for any scratches. If you notice any unsightly scrapes on your door, use pigmented wax to hide them. It is a great way to hide nicks on the door’s surface. Before applying pigmented wax on the scratches, test it by applying a dab of wax at one corner of the door. Check after one hour to see if it has worked properly.

The first thing visitors see before they enter any room is a door. You can create a good first impression to your guests if you clean your sliding barn doors using these three practical techniques.

A Spot for Your Spa: Integrating Hot Tubs in Outdoor Spaces

Hot Tubs in Outdoor Spaces in UtahHot tubs are a delightful addition to any home, but it is not easy to place them outdoors. For some reason, these spas just stick out like a sore thumb whenever you try to make them blend with the landscape. Although it’s such a relaxing experience to take a dip in one, it gets hard to create an aesthetically sound landscape with the presence of a tub. But hard as it may be, the important thing is that it can be done. 

Here are ways for you to integrate hot tubs and bullfrog spas in your Utah home:

Conceal It

In the first place, who said your hot tub should be the first thing you see in the landscape? There are ways to hide it from plain sight to give it the feel of your personal oasis. Rather than find ways to make it work with every other element in the space, try to camouflage it. Add walls on its sides, place it in a corner, and then surround it with plants. It’s not a bad idea at all.

Connect It

Another great option would be to anchor the tub to an outdoor room, like your deck or maybe an al fresco dining area. Through this approach, the hot tub becomes complementary to the presence of another space in your outdoor area.

Highlight It

Let’s go against the first suggestion completely for a while here. If you’re feeling bold with your design choice, make it the main focus in the landscape. Highlight it by turning it into a major focal point. Use the greens and the rocks as your backdrop. Give the tub some character and complement it with a shade or extra lighting. A sundeck would also work in your favor here.

Hot tubs outdoors can work. All you have to do is take some extra measures to ensure this addition doesn’t sully the appeal of your outdoor space. With the right choices, your landscape would look even better with the presence of a spa.

Design Solutions for Small Bathroom Spaces

Small BathroomJust because you have a small house doesn’t mean you can’t have a bathtub. If a small house on wheels comes with everything its owner wants –– from a tearoom/living room and lofted sleeping space to an open kitchen and private bathroom with soaking tub -– you can likewise do so with a proper design plan.

Many experts say that even a house as small as 134-square feet shouldn’t limit you. Rather it should be the central point upon which you need to work your layout around accordingly.

Combine Functions

Many small house owners agree on combining house function and features if necessary, like when they want to have both a secret garden and a backyard bathhouse. Installing a portable bathtub would be a good option for this purpose. With some plants, decking, faucet, and shower, you’re in for an outdoor bath.

With enclosures in the right places, bathing outside won’t feel like parading in the daylight naked. Techniques like glass ceilings, private tub terrace, semi-covered tub areas with a pergola, or doors that open to the outdoors can be smart choices. On the other hand, you can achieve a completely covered soaking area by placing it next to the bathroom.

Think Out-Of-The-Box

And if you think your bathroom is small, think of a 10-square feet space complete with sink and toilet, shower and tub. Similar scenarios apply to individuals or couples living in tiny houses. While they all say they won’t be living in this kind of house forever, they are happy that at some points in their lives they were able to live, if not built, an unconventional abode.

Indeed, the operative word here is to keep your ideas out of the box. A land area or space area is simply a size, so it shouldn’t limit your design.

DIY Guide: Fixing Painting Problems

Paint Can

Paint CanWhether it is problems with the existing coat of paint or the new coat you just applied, a few tricks can go a long way in maintaining quality paintwork. Nonetheless, DIYers often encounter certain troubles when painting their homes. With a bit of planning, you can solve these problems and produce quality paintwork.

  • Varieties: Semi-gloss, glossy, or acrylic latex

Sometimes, paint blocking occurs when the finish didn’t dry well. Using a higher quality paint or semi-gloss acrylic latex can help solve such problems. The higher the grade of colour, the higher the costs you have to cover. Nonetheless, the result will be worth the extra moneyt. A wall that appears too glossy in certain areas can ruin the entire aesthetics of the room. As the painters of Barker-Whittle explain, you have to apply the right coat for a smoother paintwork.

  • How to balance by not over/under doing your paintwork

Too much rubbing or abrasive brushing of the room causes this, especially on walls. Loss of balance also occurs if certain equipment is rubbed too much against a painted wall. Flat paint without scrub resistance is important; use a soft sponge to clean semi-gloss painted walls.

  • Keep weather conditions in mind

Sagging is another concern that occurs when painting the walls. To tackle the uneven drooping of the paint, apply thinner coats. Avoid applying the paint too close to the wall with the paint gun, as this may also cause sagging. If repainting your home during humid or cold days, reroll the brush to avoid sagging. Sand the uneven areas gently, so your paint finish will look smooth and beautiful.

Do not let a bad paintjob define your home. Apply the right painting techniques to keep your home looking great.

More than a Chore: Motivating Yourself to Clean

Home Cleaning

Home CleaningThe mere thought of cleaning your home — let alone your room — is enough to make you groan. The thought of dust bunnies reining supreme in your space calls for immediate response: cleaning. You know you have to do it and you will — but maybe not now. Maybe tomorrow or maybe sometime soon.

The next thing you know, a week has passed and the house is still filthy.

Your home is an important personal space. According to AA Cleaning Ltd, a cleaning specialist in Auckland, regular cleaning improves your home aesthetically and for your health as well. If you have been planning to clean but lost the motivation, worry not. Gathering the will to clean is easier than you think.

Get it Done in the Morning

Rather than set the cleaning aside for later, do it in the morning. The will to clean lessens as you brush it off continuously and further into the day until finally, you completely forget about it. When you clean at the beginning of the day, you free up the rest of your schedule for other activities.

Cleaning in the morning guarantees a sense of accomplishment. You need not worry about doing it later because you have already done it.

Cleaning Routine with Some Music

Cleaning can be a bit dull and uninspiring. After all, nothing exciting happens when you scrub or clean the drapes.

Put some life into your routine by listening to your favourite tunes. When you turn on the radio or sync your MP3 to your playlist, the music adds excitement to the cleaning. Choose fast and upbeat tunes to help you work faster. If you are feeling it, you can also dance along while you polish or scrub. Not only do you clean your home, you also lose some calories in the process.

Set a Schedule and Keep It

A schedule organises your plan for the day. If you write down all your tasks for the day and the time for each, you get things done easier. Set a cleaning schedule for the house at least twice a week for an hour. Initially, sticking to the schedule is difficult but with determination, you can pull it off.

Cleaning is not a chore you should dread. Look at it as a rewarding experience that builds a happier life through a cleaner and brighter space.

Solo Living: What to Look for In Your First Home


HouseLiving solo does not always mean you have to rent a room or a flat just so you can get by. The option of owning a start-up home or flat can be a better choice if you have the right opportunities. With the many houses for sale available on the market, you are bound to find the right property for you.

Here are a few important but simple pointers to keep in mind to make your property search easier and faster:

Check Eco-Friendly Options

As Westbrook Estate suggests, you need to make sure that your costs will not be too high. Considering you do not have a partner to split your domestic cost with, look for a home that has green. See if there are places where you can put a mini-garden or a personal composting kit. Check if the home has LED light fixtures.

Aim for properties with larger windows and recyclable materials for their construction. If you choose a furnished home, check if the appliances have eco-friendly functions and high energy-star ratings. For properties that have their own yard, check the abundance of flora and available space for a garden.

Maximising the Size

Just because the structure is small does not mean you should ignore it altogether. There are ingenious ways to maximise a small area. Use wall cabinets, holders, space-saving furnishings and multi-functional furniture. You may want to talk to your property consultant about making changes with the house, so you can accommodate your needs. When you live alone, size does not really matter that much, but making the most of it does.

Watch Your Wallet

Before you even look at property options, take a good look at your financial capacities in the past few months. This will give you a better picture of what homes you can afford and how you can cut costs. Discuss your budget with your real estate professional to determine which type of home works for you.

Solitary living provides you the freedom to do what you want in your own space. Be a smart homebuyer, so you can fully enjoy the merits of living solo.

Moving Out: The Best Way to Plan Your Furniture Transport


MovingWhen you’ve found that dream home, the next step is to plan your move. Most of the things you own would either be sold along with the house or given away, but there are appliances and furniture that you will want to take with you. This is an easy enough task if you’ve got a few pieces of furniture to transfer. When you need to take a lot of stuff, find ways to make life easier.

Make a List

List the furniture and other items that will come with you. Have a simplified list of your belongings, because it’s going to be quite a mess when the furniture movers take you across Auckland.

Divide the task among your family members. Let someone take care of listing things in a specific room, while others can pair up for bigger areas. Remind them not to make broad descriptions such as ‘tableware’ or ‘cutlery’. Instead, write down ‘silver knives’ and ‘rose teapots’ to make it easier for you to pack and unpack. Schedule the activities you need to do per day if you are working alone.

Be Well Stocked

Moving houses is a big task that requires preparation. Not only will you need help, you also need various tools for the job. Before you start listing and packing, make sure you have enough pens, pencils, paper, packing tape and cardboard boxes. Also, be prepared with food, refreshments and extra clothes in stock.

Non-Essentials First

Even if you’re leaving your current house behind, until you move, it’s still technically your home and your life still revolves around what you can do inside it. That said, remember to pack the bigger non-essential items first. When you hire movers, Rodney Removals suggests finding companies who specialise in heavy furniture, if you have those. Make sure the movers handle antiques and other valuables properly.

Now that you’ve got it all planned out, take it easy and relax as you go about moving into your new home. It’s not going to be easy, but don’t look at it as a chore. Have fun, share your burden with friends and family, and the work will be done in no time.

Keeping Your Cool: Pointers on Preserving and Revitalising Your AC

Air Conditioner

Air ConditionerYour air conditioner has been with you for a long time and you’re starting to feel that it’s no longer able to cool the room. You feel like you have to either replace it because something inside is broken or buy a new unit. As a homeowner, you should learn to care for your unit, whether it’s brand new or newly repaired.

Size Isn’t Everything

According Eastside Refrigeration Ltd, AC companies can install single room units or whole house systems. Choose what kind of system works for your property.

Having a bigger air conditioner won’t translate to your room being cooler. Many people think larger ACs  have more power, but that’s not the case. Depending on the size of your room, the placement of the furniture and the unit itself, and even how you use it, a small AC may do more good and cost less than a bigger, bulkier system.

Check how much the unit contributes to your bill. Choosing bigger air conditioners may lead to bigger bills, so check online reviews for energy efficient options.

Help Your AC

An air conditioner can only do so much if you don’t clean it. Huffington Post even says not cleaning your unit can make you sick. Help your unit by adjusting the thermostat. Keeping it low does not lead to paying less because you’ll have to keep the unit on for longer.

Keep the windows shaded so no extra heat goes into your room. Small things can make a difference.

Clean Your AC

You may not know that your AC’s filter is dirty. It will accumulate more dirt if your room is dusty or messy. Clean the filters regularly or ask your repair company if the part needs replacement.

Now that you know some of the ways to maintain your air conditioner, you’ll have fewer reasons to worry. Maintenance is a must when it comes to electronics and appliances. Be responsible enough to keep your AC clean.

The Best Home Furnishing and Decors in the Market

Home Interior

Home InteriorMake your home reflect your individual style by choosing home furnishing and décor that mirror your personality. The style of the home represents the character of the homeowner, so make sure that your home embodies your best features.

There are so many home furnishing items and decorations from available in the market nowadays. You can play around with colours, textures and styles all you want, but ensure that each piece complements each other. You don’t want to make your home look cluttered and disorganized simply because of a wrong choice of furniture.

This is why we have listed some of the must-have furnishing and decors you may want to consider:

  • Decorative Throw Pillows

Decorative throw pillows can instantly transform the look of your home. Choose throw pillows that look comfortable and cosy. You can buy cotton throws with subtle designs to add visual appeal and interest to any room in your house.

  • Art Pieces

There are different types of art pieces that you can add as home decors, such as paintings and sculptures. These are just some of the most common home accessories. No matter what your existing home decorating scheme is, you can always find a piece of art that perfectly suit your home style.

  • Personal Collection

Most homeowners have their own personal collection. If you do not have one, this is the best time start. Whether you have a collection of vases or superhero figurines, be sure to use each piece properly to complement your existing décor.

Numerous must-have home items can easily add elegance to your home décor. Choose pieces that work well with the other pieces in your home. Keep in mind that having great home furniture speaks the taste and character of the person that lives there.

Durability, Elegance and Practicality on Your Flooring Choice


FlooringHow long do you want your flooring to last? What are the best kinds of material to use for your house floors?

These questions should always be included on the list of things to consider when you build a house or renovate your room. Consider timber flooring if you still don’t have any idea about the flooring to choose. This style is the synergy of practicality and dramatic elegance.

Practical and Classy

Installation and acquisition of timber don’t require a great deal of money. Timber is less expensive than other floorings and more affordable compared to hard stone flooring. Although it doesn’t cost a lot, its features are more than enough to give a classy and elegant ambiance to your home.

What’s great about timber flooring is that as the wood ages, it gets more beautiful and elegant. With timber flooring, it’s easy to mix and match different kinds of furniture. The wood also adds a warm and welcoming appearance to a room.

Easy to Maintain

You don’t have to buy all sorts of cleaning substances and materials to keep timber flooring at its best. Simply mop it using water and a piece of cloth. You can also choose to place a carpet over the floor without worrying about termites and insects eating woods.

Lasts Long

This flooring is durable. It’s sturdy, water-resistant and long-lasting. You will appreciate it even more after a long time because the beauty of timber grows with passing years.

Timber flooring adds beauty, warmth and elegance to a home. It’s also easy to maintain and less expensive compared to other types. When renovating your home, consider this flooring style.