What is Water Damage and How Does it Harm You and Your Home? A 4-Point Guide

hole in the water pipeWater damage is a problem that homeowners shouldn’t underestimate. It could be by flood entering the indoor premises, melted snow seeping through the roof, or rainwater dripping on exposed floors.

Water damage restoration services here in British Columbia are necessary to remedy the various effects of water damage, listed below.

Rot and Rust

A lot of household furniture and appliances are made of wood and metal. Once these materials get prolonged exposure to water, the wood could get too damp until it starts to rot. The metal could react chemically with the water and oxygen, thus forming rust.

Rotting and rusting could lessen the integrity of your wood and metal properties, resulting in malfunctioning appliances or broken furniture.

Mold Growth

Another effect of water damage is mold growth. Molds usually grow in moist or wet areas, and flooded houses are no exception. Molds can cause serious health problems like sneezing, allergic reactions, or lung problems. This is why it’s crucial to get water damage restorations to prevent molds from spreading.

Soiled Home Decor

Home decor like rugs and carpets are made of textile, which could quickly absorb water. The same can is true for couches and curtains made of fur or fabric. If the floodwater is smelly and dirty, it could soil and leave a stench on your home decor.

This brings not only health risks, but hassles as well because you can’t use the home decor once it’s soiled.

In conclusion, water damage brings with it many detrimental effects on you and your household. This could require professional solutions, like water damage restoration services. It’s a worthy investment because these experts have training and the expertise to fix and restore.

Instead of attempting repairs yourself, you can call them to help you instead.

All the Reason You Need to Get Water Damage Fixed ASAP

Water Damange

Water Damange in Salt Lake CityWater damage is one of the most common problems many Salt Lake City residents experience. To make matters worse, it is also one of the most dangerous situations occupants can face within their own homes.

So whether the damage has been caused by Mother Nature herself or by a faulty plumbing system, take care of the issue right away, or you can end up with even more unnecessary expenses.

How Water Damage Really Affects You

With water damage, the potential for disease-causing mold, injury-causing debris, life-threatening electrocution, and suddenly-collapsing structural components is increased. All these put you, your loved ones, and your wallet at huge risk, AAA Restoration warns.

Mold Development

Molds can spread really quickly – sometimes, it even takes as little as several hours for molds to multiply and spread all over your water damaged home. Although not all species are immediate dangers, they are still unsightly, and can eat away at your home’s building materials.

Submerged Debris and Live Wires

Never step into still-flooded areas of your home, especially without proper protective wear. Your eyes may miss sharp, pointed, or other injury-causing debris. There is also the huge danger of live wires submerged in the water, or water that has seeped into wall outlets. Electrocution is not only painful; it can be fatal, too.

Severely Compromised Structural Integrity

Aside from mold, excessive dampness can also affect many parts of your home, weakening them and compromising their integrity. Not addressing these issues right away can lead to floorboards, walls, even ceilings suddenly collapsing and falling on people and pets. Injuries are the least of your worries; the impact can cause severe trauma, even fatal consequences.

So when facing such a situation, you should contact a Salt Lake City water damage repair company right away. These experts will assess your home and the damage it received, dry out the water as quickly as they can, repair fixable areas and components, and ensure that your home is once again safe and livable.