Six Tenacious Yard Weeds You Need to Control

Gardener Removing a Weed from the Lawn

Gardener Removing a Weed from the LawnThe sun is shining, and your neighbors have finally acknowledged you have a green thumb. But you’re a worried gardener. You’ve noticed some unwanted guests in your pristine garden. How do you deal with those pesky weeds without hurting your precious plants? You can start by checking out this list of six tenacious weeds driving Utah gardeners crazy. Follow their tips in lawn weed control; Salt Lake City‘s garden experts will help you get your lawn under control.

In Utah, these six weeds are the most common invaders.


Often called wild morning glory, this perennial with long roots, arrow-shaped leaves and white to pink funnel-shaped flowers, is invasive and tenacious. You can kill off this weed using the following options: use mulch to change the conditions bindweed thrives in; use herbicides; or pouring boiling water on the weed. All of these would kill or control bindweed’s growth.


This herbaceous perennial loves gardens with clay soil, but it’s very adaptive. The weed is hard to eradicate but may be controlled with amending the soil with compost and lawn fertilization. You can also try hand-pulling or pouring specialty vinegar on the weed.

Canada thistle

Canada thistle, also called California thistle or field thistle, is a long-rooted, creeping perennial. Lawn weed control experts in Salt Lake City recommend improving soil fertility and use of herbicides to control this menace.

Bermuda grass

This pesky weed is a low-growing perennial grass. A rototiller can help slow down the weed, but herbicides are usually a better control method.

Spotted spurge

This low-growing prostrate annual weed grows very quickly in warm temperatures until frost kills it. Hand-pulling is the common way to manage spotted spurge.


This warm season summer annual grass can invade lawns, gardens, cropland, and waste areas. If crabgrass has invaded your garden or yard, try pouring boiling water directly on it to kill the weed at the root.

Weed management is one of the top garden and lawn care problems. Removing these unwanted guests from your yard can be a demanding task. Your chosen control method will depend on many factors. Talking to a lawn weed control service in Salt Lake City can help you understand why there are invaders in your garden and banish them for good.

No More Spots: Getting Rid of Molds in Your Home

Molds in Your Home

Home Molds in Salt Lake CityExposure to molds can cause a number of health problems. According to the EPA and CDC, molds have the potential of causing breathing difficulties, headaches, asthma attacks, skin irritation, persistent coughs, and allergic reactions. Therefore, it is important that you have the mold remediation conducted by professionals to avoid these health problems.

What Does Mold Remediation Entails?        

Mold remediation involves the identification and containment of a mold problem in any given structure. It encompasses the prevention of mold from spreading by separating damaged areas, getting rid of moisture sources, and removing the affected material. If you clean the affected areas with water, the mold cannot die. To this end, you should allow an expert to conduct mold remediation and prevent the spread of molds to other rooms.

Signs That Indicate a Mold Problem

Molds are easily visible, as the Ogden mold removal company of explains. They appear as somehow fuzzy or discolored patches that increase in size. When it comes to smell, molds mostly produce musty odors. The two signs, especially the smell, serve as the first indicator of a mold problem.

Areas Where Molds are Likely to Breed

You should understand that mold could breed anywhere, whether indoors or outdoors. Moist areas are the best locations for the growth of molds. This includes underneath surfaces, such as carpets, cabinets, and walls. Leaking roofs, as well as steam from the kitchen and bathroom, can also encourage mold production. It is imperative for you to check these areas regularly. If you see the molds, you should contact mold removal professionals to come and eliminate them.

The presence of mold in the house should not be neglected if you don’t want to put your family’s health at risk. By contacting professionals to conduct mold remediation, you can enjoy comfort in a mold-free environment.

Energy Saving Strategies for Your Water Heater

Water Heater Repairs in Sandy

Water Heater Repairs in SandyWater heating accounts for 12% of a household’s utility bill; this is after cooling and lighting. A lot of people cannot afford to buy a new water heater. However, the good news is that you can heat your water more efficiently and save up on bills. With low cost improvements and habit changes, you’ll significantly save up on energy. Here are some practical ways you can do that.

Tank’s thermostat

A lot of water heaters have their thermostats preset at 140 degrees. Turning your tank’s thermostat down by 10 degrees saves you 3%-5% on your utility bill. According to the Energy Department, lowering your thermostat to 120 degrees is enough for your daily needs.

Additionally, this temperature reduces mineral buildup in pipes and tanks. Some water heaters have two thermostats. If you’re not sure about this, it’s important to call in a heating technician in Sandy, says


A simple leak of one drip per second costs you up to $1 a month. This doesn’t seem like a lot, but if you’re getting over 60 drips a minute, this could add up to your monthly energy bill. To reduce this, have a heating expert check your water heater for any leaks and fix them accordingly.

Low-flow showerheads

Old showerheads and faucets use twice as much water as new ones. To cut your costs, you need to install faucets and showerheads with low flow rates. This is a small investment that guarantees you up to 60% savings on your energy bills.


Insulation can save you so much on your utility bills. Remember not to cover the thermostat or the water heaters bottom as this could interfere with the normal functioning of a water heater. Heat traps can save you $15-$30 on your monthly bills. Have a professional install this on your existing tank.

You can still save money, conserve energy and enjoy using hot water in your home. Keep these life hacks in mind and watch the significant improvements you’ll notice.

The Smart Way to Control Weed Growth in Your Garden

Weed Removal in Perth

Weed Removal in PerthWeeds take only a short time to grow over a garden or lawn. Amateur gardeners know very well how these “out of place” plants can invade a well-tended enclosure and leave it in ruins. What do you do to stop their spread? What’s in your current arsenal against weeds? You probably have a myriad of weed control products, but somehow they do not completely solve the problem.

The negative effects of chemicals on your garden

If you ask garden maintenance experts, they will discourage using chemicals for killing weeds. Most of these products do more harm than good. These contaminate the soil, as well as groundwater. It may take years before the chemicals are broken down and neutralised. Experts of Perth Gardening also say that herbicide application cannot effectively control severe weed infestation. You should rethink your options before settling for chemical control.

Limitations of biological controls

You must get rid of weeds because they compete with the plants for nutrition and water. Every year, the agriculture industry in Australia loses $4 billion due to damage wrought by more than 2,500 species of weed. Beneficial insects and animals are effective biological controls, but this is not a feasible alternative to chemicals when it comes to home gardens. Insect populations may not thrive, and animals such as geese may be difficult to sustain in a home environment.

Approaches to effective weed control

Weed control may be a complex issue, but the most effective measures are those that address the underlying problem. Specific intervention depends on the type of weed and the conditions of the soil. Experts also emphasise prevention as the focus of weed management. For example, mulching garden beds is effective, as the mulch blocks sunlight and prevents the growth of weeds.

There are many considerations for a successful approach to weed management. Do not hesitate to ask for recommendations from experts for the best maintenance program for your garden.

Home Heating Solutions – Making the right choice

Central Heating

Central HeatingIn countries where home heating is a necessity, the most common options available for builders and homeowners are gas and electric heating. If one buys a pre-existing home, heating options may be fixed. In the event that a heating unit has to be replaced, the toss up is between gas and electric central heating. Both systems have their advantages and disadvantages.

How electric heating works

Between the two, this is considered the greener and cleaner option. Electric heating is also popular because there is no need for fuel supplies or even gas lines into the home. Since wood or oil is not needed, there is no need for supplies either. Heat is produced without combustible materials – these cuts out the need to install vents or exhausts for fumes. Residents don’t have to worry about carbon monoxide poisoning.

The main drawback with central heating is that it can get very expensive. Electric companies burn fossil fuels to generate electricity and pollute the atmosphere. In the US, electric companies have to adhere to many regulations and pass on the costs to consumers.

How gas central heating works

Gas central heating is faster and more efficient compared to electric heating. When compared with electric heating, gas systems respond better and the results are felt in a short span. The gas can also heat water faster than electricity. Gas is less expensive to produce and can be stored indefinitely. This makes it a more viable option to choose.

The downside of choosing gas heating is that there is a danger of invisible gases permeating a structure. Carbon monoxide poisoning is a real issue and can kill if it is not detected in time. People who choose to get a gas heating system installed should get CO2 monitors all over the house and ensure that they are in good working order. Installing gas lines to connect existing homes can be expensive. Gas systems in earthquake prone areas can be a serious problem. The choice of heating depends on a person’s existing home, budget and needs.

Four Common Toilet Issues and How to Repair Them

PlumbersWhile you might not think of it that much, the toilet is no wonder one of the most important pieces of equipment in the house. And when it breaks down, all hell seems to go loose.

So, here are the fixes to some of the most common problems that might occur on your bathroom’s “throne”.

1. Flush is weak

This one is usually more prevalent with older models, such as those built during the 90s, and is usually caused by hard water deposits in the syphon jet hole or the bowl rim swirl holes. To remedy this, you need to thoroughly acid-wash the bowl, recommends For this, mix one part acid with 10 parts water. You then pour in half of the solution into the overflow tube and let it set for 30 minutes. Afterwards, pour the remaining solution. After 30 minutes, you can flush the toilet and see an improvement.

2. “Phantom flushes”

This one happens when your toilet begins to refill itself as if someone has flushed it. This is often due to a worn flapper valve that causes the water from the tank back into the bowl. To confirm, you can use the dye test to see the leaks. From there, it’s just a matter of disassembling the toilet and replacing the faulty valve with a new one.

3. The toilet doesn’t completely flush

Sometimes you will notice that all that gunk doesn’t seem to go down with just a single flush and you need to do several takes before it completely flushes. This might be due to a variety of problems. Open the tank to see what’s causing it. For instance, the chain connecting the flapper cap to the flush handle might be too long that it limits the cap from opening fully. Alternatively, it can be caused by float valve not working properly.

4. The toilet making gurgling sounds when flushing

This is almost always due to a foreign object that has fallen into the bowl and clogging it. To see the clog, lower a flashlight tied to a string and illuminate the drain. In order to remove the trapped object, you need to run water backwards from the drain into the bowl. You can do this by running a garden hose from the rooftop vent out to the bowl.

In case these problems still persist, it would be best to call a professional plumbing service Salt Lake City. In more severe cases, you might also need to replace your toilet completely.

Rust on the Furnace: Should You Be Worried?


FurnaceYou’ve probably noticed rust on the internal parts or perhaps on the outside cabinet of your furnace. But a furnace doesn’t use water to give off heat like hydronics systems, such as boilers, do — so how does it develop rust? Is it a sign that your heating system is faulty?

It might be.

Understanding the Development of Rust in Your Furnace

Rust is a type of corrosion; it is the result of a chemical reaction between water and metal in the presence of oxygen. The great danger rust poses is that it eats away the metal, causing it to crumble and flake away. When this occurs to the furnace, especially along the heat exchangers, the heat exchanger may crack, which can lead to dangerous carbon monoxide leaks.

But how does rust start in a furnace? For a gas furnace, rust will develop because of a reaction between the metal and combustion gases. The gases transform into a vapor after the heat transfer. This vapor goes out through the metal, which then leads to corrosion over time.

If you have a very old furnace (more than 20 years old), rust means the furnace has reached the end of its lifespan and it’s time for you to schedule a replacement, furnace tune up experts in Lehi,, said.

Don’t Let Rust Destroy Your Heating System

A small amount of rust on your old furnace shouldn’t worry you, but rust on a newer furnace should. To avoid this, replace or clean your furnace filter three or four times every year. Have it checked every year as well with experts in preventive maintenance. The older your furnace is, the more important calling the experts is. While modern gas furnaces have features that shut the system off when the problem is detected, older systems don’t.

Not only does regular maintenance prevent rust and carbon monoxide leaks, but also helps your heating system become more energy efficient.

Understanding what rust in your furnace might mean, including the dangers it poses, is the first step to addressing the problem. The second step is to call a qualified expert to help you deal with it.

Household Plumbing 101: Fixing Common Plumbing Issues


PlumbingA plumbing system is necessary in every household. That is why when you encounter plumbing issues, take it seriously. Not being able to use the sink or having a clogged toilet can really cause you a lot of trouble. The best way to prepare for these unforeseen issues is to know the basic repair knowledge.

According to Perry Plumbing, leaks lead to water damage. And this compromises your property’s structural integrity, affects its aesthetic appeal, and sets the stage for harmful organisms to thrive. Here are a few common household plumbing problems you should prepare for.

  • Clogged drains

Food debris can clog the drains in the kitchen and hair can be stuck in the bathroom drain. You can use a plunger to remedy the items. If you can’t do this, don’t worry, there’s always a professional plumbing service you can rely on.

  • Leaking faucets

When you hear the constant dripping of the faucet, even if you made sure it has been closed tightly, that means there is a problem with it. Faucets are used frequently, which can cause the washers to wear out. Also, check if you need to replace the washers.

  • Clogged toilet

Just like clogged drains, waste materials that usually go into toilets can cause a blockage. The use of a plunger might solve the problem. You may also use toilet bowl solutions, as well as baking soda and other household items to get rid of clogging.

  • Running toilet

If you notice that your toilet continues to run after you flush, be sure to repair it quickly. Running toilets can cause your water bill to increase. Sometimes, a part of the tank just needs to be replaced, restored or readjusted.

  • Leaking pipes

Pipes are what make up most of the plumbing system. Water passes through the pipes and wears out the pipes eventually. You usually find leakages under the sink, although leaks can occur anywhere in the household. Be sure to keep an eye out for water in the basement, unexplainable wet spots, mold or mildew, as well as a sudden increase in your water bill.

Homeowners often overlook plumbing problems. But remember the worse scenarios that could happen when you take maintenance and repairs for granted. It’s not just about the hassle, but also the unwanted expenses that come with the replacement of your whole plumbing system if the damage has gotten worse.

Durability, Elegance and Practicality on Your Flooring Choice


FlooringHow long do you want your flooring to last? What are the best kinds of material to use for your house floors?

These questions should always be included on the list of things to consider when you build a house or renovate your room. Consider timber flooring if you still don’t have any idea about the flooring to choose. This style is the synergy of practicality and dramatic elegance.

Practical and Classy

Installation and acquisition of timber don’t require a great deal of money. Timber is less expensive than other floorings and more affordable compared to hard stone flooring. Although it doesn’t cost a lot, its features are more than enough to give a classy and elegant ambiance to your home.

What’s great about timber flooring is that as the wood ages, it gets more beautiful and elegant. With timber flooring, it’s easy to mix and match different kinds of furniture. The wood also adds a warm and welcoming appearance to a room.

Easy to Maintain

You don’t have to buy all sorts of cleaning substances and materials to keep timber flooring at its best. Simply mop it using water and a piece of cloth. You can also choose to place a carpet over the floor without worrying about termites and insects eating woods.

Lasts Long

This flooring is durable. It’s sturdy, water-resistant and long-lasting. You will appreciate it even more after a long time because the beauty of timber grows with passing years.

Timber flooring adds beauty, warmth and elegance to a home. It’s also easy to maintain and less expensive compared to other types. When renovating your home, consider this flooring style.

Crystal Clear Pools: Tricks to Help Maintain Your Pool at Home


PoolNothing beats having access to a crystal-clear swimming pool right in the back of your home, especially during those sweltering summer days. When you have a pool at home, turning simple weekend get-togethers with family or friends for a daring party is easier as well.

To make your pool activities even more rewarding, it is essential to keep it clean. This way, you lessen health risks and maintain cleanliness.

For a crystal clear pool, here are some measures you can take:

Thorough Cleaning

Skimming debris off the pool everyday will save you headaches in the future. It also helps to test the water, and to scrub the pool walls and floor. Remember to hose down the pool area immediately after scrubbing; this must be done weekly at least. Also, do not forget to backwash the pool filter after to get rid of dirt and pollutants.

Check water quality

The water in your pool needs to have the correct balance of chemicals. Brisbane Pools & Landscapes suggests using a water testing system to determine the water’s pH level, calcium hardness, and total alkalinity. Well-balanced pool water helps prevent eye and skin irritation in swimmers, so make sure to keep an eye on this.


Chlorine is a substance capable of killing bacteria and limiting the growth of algae in swimming pools. It comes in tablets, granules, and liquid. While liquid chlorine provides tough cleaning properties, you may also want to just stick to tablets for its long shelf life.

Consider an algaecide

Clumps of green, mushy growth on the walls of your pool are a sign of algae growth. Treating your pool with an algaecide will prevent microscopic plants from invading your pool, and save you from the hassles of clogged filters, diminished effectiveness of pool chemicals, and low water circulation.

Boost the water

Water in your pool should be given a boost once in a while, preferably every week. Boosting the pool involves putting shock products in the water to kill any bacteria or algae left after regular chlorination. This also eliminates other contaminants. As a result, you get crystal-clear water, reduced chlorine odour, and less risks of eye irritation.

A pool’s design is never an issue, as most follow the same routine for maintenance and cleaning. With a top-end swimming pool design Brisbane or sophisticated water filter, it would mean less work weekly.

Regular cleaning, water quality testing, chlorinating, and shocking will assure you of sparkling clean pool water. Remember, proper maintenance on the regular is the first thing that’s important when you own a pool at home.